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December 31, 2003 - B. McDonald (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

On a recent last second shopping trip at St. Vital Centre, I noticed at a kiosk in the middle of the mall that they were stocking Jets stuff. I asked the cashier why and she said, "We are joining the fight." This campaign is definitely gaining some serious momentum. Keep up the excellent job!

Look for CBC to do a big piece on Jets merchandise this Saturday night on the national news! I hope the campaign has had something to do with the Jets frenzy that is currently taking place at the cash register.

December 30, 2003 - C. Charney (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I don't know why but I have been putting off my rant for a long time, even though I had been planning to write one for quite some time. I noticed recently that there was a 17 year old guy who posted and you had said how it is good to see younger voices coming forward. Well I happen to be 17 myself and miss the Jets just like any other Winnipeg hockey fan.

My favorite Jets memory was the 96 playoffs against Detroit. My mom had bought herself and I tickets for that game, even though she really couldn't afford it at the time, as we knew we would probably never see our Jets again. I remember everything as it was yesterday. Walking out of Sears at Polo Park I remember the smell of the hot dog and cheeseburger vendors, and the people outside selling shirts. I bought the one that said "Glory Days" on it and has the 2 ticket stubs on the front. It turned out to be my first and only playoff game, and even though I had been to plenty of Jets games before, it was almost like I had never been to a game before as there was such a different atmosphere. "White Noise" is something that I will never forget, and something that will hopefully come back one day. I remember we won game 3, 4-1 and even the bus ride home was unbelievale. Everyone was honking their horns including the bus drivers believe it or not! You'd swear we won the Stanley Cup.

Anyway I know there is little anybody can do at this point other than to spread the word, but if I can help you out at all, I'd be willing to pitch in. Take care and good luck and happy holidays.

A great memory we all can relate any age.

December 29, 2003 - "Theo" (Calgary, Alberta)

I just want to thank you for all of your hard work in your attempts to bring back NHL hockey to the city of Winnipeg. Although I live in Calgary and am a die-hard Calgary Flames fan, I was in the Winnipeg area when the Jets moved to Phoenix and have felt for the fans ever since. Also, bringing back an NHL franchise to Winnipeg could cement the future of the Flames in Calgary, proving that it is economically feasible to have a franchise in "small markets", if it is indeed so. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope for the best in the upcoming 2004 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Jets re-birth would indeed be a well-needed extra security blanket for your beloved Flames. We wouldn't want it any other way. Let's solidify the Canadian franchises. The NHL has the opportunity to save alot of face by returning a team to Canada. And that's just a start.

December 28, 2003 - Jer (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I'm a huge fan of what you're doing for the Jets and our city. I just want to tell you that we need more people like you taking action because without the Jets, this city feels empty.

As empty as the current Winnipeg Arena.

December 27, 2003 - R. Phillips (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

If a potential owner isn't going to surface naturally, then why don't the Jets fans of Winnipeg band together to accumulate enough money to convince a potential owner to come to Winnipeg? If Winnipeg fans gathered enough money I'm sure an owner would soon realize how serious Winnipeg is about getting another team. I'm just a poor university student myself but I would be willing to put $100 down for now. I'm sure I'm not alone. Instead of spending $100 on a new Jets jersey, why not put $100 down to bring a franchise back to Winnipeg?

It makes sense to get a team soon, before the CBA lock-out. I'm sure the Penguins group of owners would love to move their team for $50 million, (that's probably still way above market value for a team consisting of AHL calibre players). After the CBA has been settled and teams begin making profits, the Penguins may cost closer to $100 million.

You may have a point there. And there will come a time when Winnipeggers will have to anti-up from their wallets to reach season ticket quotas, that's for sure.

December 19, 2003 - Ray C. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I was in the city last weekend shopping in the St. Vital area and I noticed all kinds of people wearing Jets gear, so the word is out Winnipeg wants there team back period. I am thinking Jets gear would make a great gift for hockey fans in the 'Peg or any other Jets fans like me, hint hint.

Any Moose jerseys?

December 18, 2003 - P. Vagianos (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

First off, I would like to say that I check back regularly on your site to view the progress. I think what you're doing to create awareness is awesome. Hitting up good terms with the city and provincial governments and gaining their support will really help boost this campaign.

There was an article in the Free Press on Winnipeg Jets merchandise that people are buying for Christmas. Every single product that stores get that has the Jets logo on it sells fast. It's amazing to see that so many years later people still go crazy over Jets apparel, which in my opinion just solidifies the notion that the city truly wants the Jets back. It is imperative that the Jets return in order to put Winnipeg on the map again. The city is making some great improvements that is helping to bring life to the city, however, the biggest improvement will be the return of the Jets.

Keep up the great work.

I was at Polo Park tonight and it was full of people, old and young, wearing Jets hats or shirts. Keep it up Winnipeg.

December 16, 2003 - Jason (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Only 13,462 showed up in Phoenix for the last-ever game at America West Arena. 3000 empty seats for this historic game!

How the heck are they gonna make it work in the new arena in Glendale?

I've been worried for awhile that the next NHL team will be located in Houston but I believe that if this new facility in Glendale won't work to draw fans in for Coyote games, then Bettman will finally take a hint and realize his $200 million 18,000+ seat arenas in major U.S. cities is NOT the way to go

I hope he already realizes that. I wonder how many of those 13,462 tickets actually came through the gate with a person attached to it?

December 15, 2003 - J. Welwood (Toronto, Ontario?)

Im a Leafs fan at heart but I would love to see hockey in Winnipeg again. If hockey came back to Winnipeg, the Jets would be, without a doubt, my second favourite team (I gotta remain loyal to the Maple Leafs). I would much rather see hockey in Winnipeg than in Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville, San Jose, Anaheim, Florida, Phoenix, or Pittsburgh. Heck I'd rather see hockey anywhere in Canada than somewhere where peolpe have never heard of Wayne Gretzky or Gordie Howe. I hope with your movement to bring the Jets back it will bring hope to those who want to bring the Nordiques back.

Once a Leafs fan, always a Leafs fan I suppose. The American teams you mention average somewhere around 11,000 actual fans a game.

December 12, 2003 - T. Moffatt (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I've been following the campaign for some time now, and must commend you on a job well done, with a terrific amount of effort.

With the recent revitalization of Winnipeg (Provencher Bridge , Inn @ The Forks, Asper Museum of Rights, and of course our True North Project, etc...) it only seems fit that we give Winnipeggers that extra ounce of pride that we deserve for our attempts to renew the integrity this city deserves.

This time around would be a significant difference, a private facility with private ownership. Of course, ticket prices might extend beyond the wallets of some that live in this city, and for this to be successful would involve a great deal of corporate sponsorship. (first step - sell name rights to MTS - thumbs up) If the private sector of Winnipeg co- operates with this campaign, it will also benfit them too, with great exposure.

Great job Darren

Add to that the new Hydro building and a new Portage & Main and we've got a nice kickstart to a new downtown. But the icing is the Winnipeg Jets. Thank goodness there are others with youthful vision out there. You're right, tickets are going to be more, but reasonable. What isn't more money these days? It costs $35 per couple for a movie, popcorn and two drinks at the theater.

December 11, 2003 - K. Rents (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I understand that you are one of the smartest hockey minds on earth. I would do whatever I can to help you get known, because, I know, that once they read everything on this website, an NHL franchise is on its way. Hockey does belong here, Florida Panthers had under 8,000 fans at their last game, the game that was supposed to be a sell out. We get just as much at a minor league Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball game. Manitoba is the place where kids play hockey on river banks, where, you have to work to play, you have to shovel the snow when it gets too deep. I miss the atmosphere of having a hockey team in our city. Having a star player that every kid in the city looks up to. Also, the best hockey players are Canadians, kids need the inspiration all over Canada. I want to get the chance in my life to really "Cheer for the home team!"

Notice how he mentions missing having a hockey team in our city. The Moose aren't considered a hockey team to Winnipeggers. I'm not bashing. I'm merely stating a fact. It's so true. If I were the smartest hockey mind on earth I would be right beside Ron MacLean on Coach's Corner. Nice of you to say though.

December 10, 2003 - C. Lockyer (Waterloo/Dryden, Ontario)

I have sent out a letter to the important contacts listed on your website. Ever since I found this site, I have had renewed hope that the Jets will return. I appreciate everything that you've done for Winnipeg. I am attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario currently, but reside in Dryden, Ontario. Thanks again.

I started it but we'll all finish it!.

December 9, 2003 - M. Ventresca (Southern Ontario)

I think you're doing some fine work trying to get the Jets back in Winnipeg. Although I'm way over in Southern Ontario, it still saddened me to see the team go. I'll never forget the last game when the players skated around the ice waving to the fans, after Detroit eliminated them.

Hopefully the NHL will see that "small market" Canadian cities can support a franchise better than most American cities. For God's sake, the Bruins can't even draw a crowd these days. It would be nice if the city of Winnipeg itself could purchase the team. That would really be something...

The mayor feels the city should buy the team as well. I don't know how plausible that is, but we'll take 'em any way we can I suppose.

December 8, 2003 - B. Jalonen (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I'm a recent returnee to Winnipeg after 14 years in Kingston and Victoria. I've just recently found your website and I'm in complete agreement with your depiction of the "Bring Back the Jets" campaign. As much as I loved the Jets, this goes far beyond sports and entertainment: it's a matter of civic survival. I agree that the construction of the new arena, the construction of a new Hydro headquarters building, and the competition to fix Portage and Main are steps in the right direction, but those steps aren't enough to re-instill a sense of pride. And realistically, they aren't enough to bring people back downtown. As much as I want my Jets back, I think this is bigger than the NHL, and I think you're right when you say that bringing back the Jets will go a long way to revitalizing the downtown core. I agree that with the impending collapse of the NHL as we know it and with the recent political will to re-invent the city, now is the time for Winnipeg and Winnipeggers to stand up and be counted. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

The most clear and concise rant yet. Nice to see someone who realizes the importance of this beyond the sticks and pucks. That is, outside the walls of the True North Centre. Go Jets Go, but Go Winnipeg Go also.

December 4, 2003 - Curtis Walker (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

-Removed at author's request-

December 3, 2003 - G. Stuart (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

This is a great web site. I am truly proud to be a Winnipegger because of such things as this website. It has given people hope and a voice that has been quiet for too long finally heard! I hope that this does, as you say, "snowball" into something great and getting yourself on Freq 107's website is a great start. I wish you luck in your attempts, not only for my sake or yours but for the city of Winnipeg's. I am currently a season ticket holder for the Manitoba Moose, but in a second I would turn over those tickets for a NHL season ticket. I am ready for them to come back, so lets get the voice out there as loud as it can be!

And so the snowball gets bigger...

December 2, 2003 - B. Ferens (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I am just e-mailing you to say great job. I hope we do get the Jets back, and everything you stated does make sense. When I read the petition I forwarded it to all of my friends and family to get them to sign and within a hour there was 100 more signatures. I hope everything works out.

It will work out if we make it work out. Raise your voice!

December 1, 2003 - C. Rauch (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I really admire what your doing and how determined you are to get the one and only Jets back. A lot of people are beginning to acknowledge that you do mean business and that we truly deserve what should have never lost. We definitely have the fan base. Don Cherry even thinks we have the best fans. I remember growing up watching the Jets. I admired them as I went through my hockey career, attending games, wearing the jerseys, and even enjoying dancing Gabe in the good ol' red white and blue. You're what the city needed to get back in the hunt for an NHL team. With the C.B.A. expiration, now is the perfect time. Personally I think the return would be a big factor on things like the downtown rebuilding, influencing the youth to stay, and giving the True North Centre a reason to actually be there. Why build such an extravagant arena and only sell a third of the seats. I'm only a few months short of 18, but I know when a person deserves recognition, so keep up the tremendous work, you're mine and my buddies hero.

Wow. If I'm a hero then Winnipeg is really in trouble! But seriously, it is great to see the younger voices coming forward. We are the future (I am kinda young?). When I was 18 I worked for the Jets at the AllSports store in Polo Park. Now I feel old. My pay cheques had a Jets logo on them. Tkachuk was the highest paid...I was the lowest.

November 30, 2003 - K. McFadden (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have viewed your website and signed the petition. I commend you on your energy and vision. I too would be very happy if the Jets returned and would support the team by buying season tickets. I am in my 30's and was gone from Winnipeg for 8 years. I returned to start a business and family and am here to stay. Winnipeg would be a better place with NHL hockey in my opinion

Hopefully my vision is shared by those that have much more money than I do. I think it is, just be patient.

November 25, 2003 - I. Sabourin (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

You should also include in your arguements the strength of our dollar or more accurately the weakness of the U.S. dollar. I'm not sure what average ticket price is workable in Winnipeg but for example a year ago a $CDN 75 ticket was equal to $US 47 - 48. Today it's worth $US 57 - 58. 15,000 seats multiplied by 42 games is an extra $US 6.3 million.

I presently have four $18 dollar Moose seats. I would definetely pay between double to triple that for NHL caliber hockey.

Good luck in your endeavors.

Frustrating that the math can't do it alone. The Canadian dollar can only help. Potential owners have to know that we WILL pay triple. So many believe that Winnipeggers won't be willing to pay. What they don't know is that we are spending it now... Minneapolis and Calgary

November 24, 2003 - B. Masniuk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hello Darren. You're on to something here man! Stick with it! More power to ya! I have been living here in Calgary now for just over 3 years but let me tell you, my heart is still with the Jets and Manitobans. The cost of going to a Flames game and just the whole attitude of this city scares the hell out of me! You are absolutely right when you say that there is no reason why the NHL can't return to Winnipeg. With the new arena on its way and just the whole ambiance of the situation is screamin' out for "real" hockey to make a comeback! By the way...great website! Keep up the good work're on the right track!!!

I think I'll do just that. See you back in Winnipeg in two years?

November 23, 2003 - G. Eidsvig (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I would be extremely happy to go see a Jets game again. I haven’t really followed the NHL since 98 and have no idea about what is going on anymore, other than highlight reels I see on Sportsnet and TSN. So what I want to know is: what is the reality of the financial situation?

Could you provide math and financial concepts to support your cause? It would totally solidify your campaign, and provide the doubters with realistic data to persuade them to do something. I am not here to dissuade your cause, but to strengthen it. YOU NEED TO USE DOLLAR FIGURES TO MAKE THIS WORK.

Stay tuned for some figures before the holidays. I do have them, I just want to research a few more things. The simple answer for now: It CAN work provided a) we sell all private suites b) get a 12,000 season ticket base c) have a $35 million US cap in place (which is $4 million higher than the owners are pinning for).

November 19, 2003 - B. Phan (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Don't get me wrong, I love living in Winnipeg in the summer, the cabins and beaches rock. But seriously, what is there to do in the winter besides hockey. I'm 21 and looking for a job as a firefighter but if the Jets don't come back then I'm out of here and a lot of my friends feel the same. Winnipeg needs the Jets because we are nothing without them. Put me down for season tickets. 2005!!!!!!!!!!

We are something, but there is no doubt the role the return of the Jets plays in the future of Winnipeg. Regardless of whether your reasons to leave seem reasonable to citizens of Winnipeg, they are what a majority of the "next generation" feel about our city. I can't count on my hands and feet how many people I know personally that are in Calgary or Vancouver. Why? I don't think they know either, but it surely has something to do with a lack of things to be excited about in the winter.

November 18, 2003 - Jim P. (Hartford, Connecticut)

I'm from Hartford and I feel your pain with the Jets. Good luck to you guys, and keep up the hard work.

Finally, a Whaler fan is represented! Cheers my friend. Whether it's the Howe line, John Anderson, Pat Verbeek or Brendan Shanahan we all remember. I'm proud of my autographed Shanahan #94 Whalers jersey.

November 17, 2003 - G. Sametz (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have visited your site many times. I just want to say thanks for starting this sort of movement to push to get our Jets back. I signed your petition! It just isn't hockey without a Winnipeg Team! I find your goal realistic and hopefully it will come true for the benefit of Winnipeggers and Canadians alike.

Thanks! Keep visiting. I will meet with the mayor as soon as his busy schedule slows down a little. He is one of our biggest assets right now. Love him or hate him, he is an advocate for a more exciting Winnipeg. NHL hockey being no exception.

November 16, 2003 - F.M.R. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I would like to congratulate you on your marvellous job! I'm e-mailing you to tell you what a wonderful idea it was for you to start an online-petition! I am so excited and I hope the Jets will find their way back where they belong from that crappy old desert! See you at the next Jets game!

I can't wait to see all of you!

November 15, 2003 - Steve (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Lots of money to spend on season tickets. HEAR that NHL! Time for the younger generation to stand up. CJOB, get with the times or you'll be boycotted yet!

The up-and-comers speak out. Instead of a trip to Minneapolis or Calgary how about spending money right here in our own city.

November 13, 2003 - Anonymous (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Darren, just wondering why the media hasn't been all over this. I am a faithful Free Press reader and occasional Sun reader, and it is rare to see coverage about this. I know it is early, and word hasn't spread everywhere just yet, but some of the coverage has been very minimal. I realize that the Moose need coverage, but what the hell is wrong with admitting that we need better! It's like they are scared to wish for this when they know deep down that it is what we need. I'm having a beer in your honour in September. Thanks for making us Manitobans feel like there is some justice left in the world.

Believe it or not, some feel the NHL returning isn't for the better. The media are afraid to offend these people or the Manitoba Moose organization. All I can suggest is that you and others make as much noise as possible. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I'll have that beer with you on Graham Avenue one day soon... right before a Jets game.

November 12, 2003 - P. Ropeller (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The Jets are gonna be back, the question is what kind of NHL are we about to see. Todays NHL is really boring compared to the good old days. What does it need to become entertaining again? The atmosphere at almost every game I've watched on TV has sucked! Myself and every other Jet fan of old would like nothing better than to see the whole thing crumble into a self destructing mess. I mean it's no wonder we all have a huge chip on our shoulder, after the Jets left we get almost no national exposure. It is like we are forgotten about. That is going to change. Winnipeg and this province might well become an attractive place to live in the next few years especially if we can keep this dream alive. Fans like ours should not be denied and in due time we will get what we deserve. Everything always comes full circle and it is just a matter of time before the NHL comes back to earth and gives us what we deserve...another team!!

I'm speechless.

November 11, 2003 (L'est We Forget) - D. Schroeder (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work. I was at the Vancouver game in September and was disgusted with all the people who have slammed your efforts. I do hope we get out Jets back. I think you are doing all the right things and 2004 will be our year to get NHL hockey back.

All the best and thanks!!!!!

Those people are the silent minority and we'll see them hop on the bandwagon once it travels their way. They are the same types that complain about anything and everything instead of doing something progressive. They don't see a better downtown or a better place for their kids, just something else to swallow their tax money. Tax money?!?!?!?! So ignorant...

November 10, 2003 - M. Stenrue (Surrey, BC)

I happened upon your website a few months ago and have been following it ever since. I am a former Winnipegger now living in Surrey, British Columbia. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, and was very fortunate to attend many Jets games. I am writing this message to you quite early this morning, I have just finished watching the NHL Network's Classic NHL show. The show was about the last series in '96 against the Red Wings, and I have to admit re-living it brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the White-Out again and re-living the history really brought back fond memories, however sad, I kept your website on my mind. Thinking that bringing a team back to the 'Peg is possible, and in my belief possible within the next two or three years. I am very excited about the new arena, and hope soon that it can be the new home of the born-again Winnipeg Jets. Like a phoenix raising out of the ashes! (perhaps not the best choice of words, however it has been mentioned that Phoenix may very well be one of the teams that cannot survive the impending lockout) I wish you and everyone in Winnipeg all the luck in the world, I for one will even hike it back home to see the opening game!. Take care

Ironic isn't it. The league can't survive in "large" markets. What they forgot was that these large markets have very little per-capita hockey fans. I have that footage of the White-Out against Detroit. It truly sends lightning through you. Keep spreading the campaign throughout BC!

November 9, 2003 - K. Iller (Long Island, New York)

From a N.J. Devils fan on Long Island... you've got my vote. I think that it was BS that they would take your team and move it to the desert. THE DESERT!? Good luck. I'm sure that you have more support than than non-support from the fans.

I should hope so. It can only be better for the league. I'm sure you could get a ticket pretty easily right now for a Jets-Devils game or a Jets-Islanders game. Attendances aren't looking good in those buildings as of late. Armageddon? Thanks for yet another east coast vote of confidence. I still love remembering John MacLean and Brendan Shanahan with the old "Christmas" Devils jerseys!

November 8, 2003 - R. Champagne (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Here is a website about a guy's point of view from his experiences from attending various arenas in North America and around the world. It's a long read but I enjoyed it. Anyhow, I am glad the momentum is rising and people are slowly talking positively about the eminent revival of the Jets in high caliber hockey like the NHL.

Thanks for the link. The True North Centre would be a great future addition to the site as the home of the Winnipeg Jets. Especially as attendances around the league are down around 9,000-13,000 in many cities. And those may be worse as they are merely the "posted" figures. By posted I mean the same mis-informed stats that are pawned off on us about Moose attendance being 3,800 and 4,100 every game in the paper. Unless they are all sitting in the upper decks, I sure can't see more than a dozen people on the highlight reels.

November 7, 2003 - G. Dare (Portland, Oregon)

Way to go, man! I'm working in Portland, Oregon and the truth is ... this place is actually too poor for an NHL team. Forget about the rumours of previous years, Paul Allen is not interested since his Blazers are $50 Million over the NBA cap so he's paying an extra $50 Million for that. (And bail money for the latest arrest!)

Given how many teams are in financial trouble, it might not be too far a stretch to offer US$1 (and I'll happily provide it, to avoid exchange fees) to take on the debt and liabilities of a modest franchise like, say, the Nashville Predators. Seriously, it's not a stretch that someone like Ted Leonsis would fold the Capitals before they and AOL bleed dry his personal fortune and he's back working at his family's Greek restaurant in Maclean, VA. "Good used car, take over payments!"

It's true. They will just want out and to retrieve some of the money they've dumped. An end of an era is upon us.

November 2, 2003 - Martin W. (Caledon, Ontario)

Let me say that this is a great site. I am a die hard Sens fan, but would welcome the Jets back into the NHL. It makes me mad when I see highlights of an Atlanta game and their arena is half empty all the time! I know that in Winnipeg a team like this would thrive. It is a great city, with loyal hockey fans, and oh how great it would be to see the "whiteouts" return to Winnipeg! If you do get a team, I hope you keep the same jerseys that you wore from 1990 to 1996 and keep the same name! With the CBA up next year, it will be interesting to see what direction the NHL is going to take. Putting teams back in "hockey" markets should be a top priority. You've got everything in place! A new arena, flagship radio stations, television contract (well I'm sure you will get that) and hopefully a committed owner like Melnyk! I'll leave you with this.. Would it not be good to see a second Atlanta team relocate to Canada, again?

Best of luck in landing the Jets in Winnipeg!

Does Melnyk have a brother? It won't be such a risk to put NHL hockey in Winnipeg come 2005.

October 31, 2003 - R. Ste Marie (Kamloops, BC)

I am a former Winnipeger now living in Kamloops,B.C.. Besides having been a huge Jets supporter I am also a former employee of the Jets. I spent a couple of years in the Marketing dept. I attended every save the Jets rally there ever was and was heartbroken like all good Winnipeger's when they actually left.

After living away for the last 7 years I will admit that I think in retrospect it was the right decision for the team to leave. To be perfectly honest with you I'm not sure you wanted to be part of what the NHL has become in those years since 96. But hey maybe the time is right, with all the factors you mention on your site.At the very least the NHL is in for a major correction.

I now work in radio and television in Kamloops and if I could offer you a piece of advise it is that you need to get the media on your side. Winnipeg is no different than any other city they listen to the media. Guys like Scott Taylor ( like him or not ) are respected and listened to and with his guest appearances on The Score he can also give you a national platform.

In closing I just want to tell you that I was in The Peg in August and had an opportunity to see a Goldeyes game for the first time. Beautiful park and great entertainment. Hopefully with your help one day Winnipegers can enjoy this kind of entertainment at a reasonable price in the new rink.

Some media are on board, some aren't. Guys like Scott Taylor and including Scott Taylor are already advocates of this thinking. "Entertainment" may pass in Winnipeg with baseball but when it comes to hockey we want more than family fun. We want energy, rivalry and our city on the map again, something only the NHL can give us. Thanks for the vote of confidence from Kamloops. All I know about Kamloops is the Chinese cuisine at Valleyview Buffet Restaurant. I'm still full.

October 27, 2003 - Ray (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Scott "The Coach" Taylor has always been the one and only Winnipeg sports writer that I read up on. It's great to see Scotty endorse the idea of bringing back our Jets. By the way Scotty, congrats on doing a great job in your career, keep it up man.

An ode to Scott Taylor. Other writers are small-minded and don't see bigger and better things. It's easier for them not to fight an up-hill battle. Very sad. I guess they are content with their kids growing up in the city "ranked last of seven cities as a fun place to be" (Macleans October 20/03). I hope Paul Friesen and Tim Campbell are having more fun than we are.

October 26, 2003 - Lou (Hull, England)

Your site was mentioned on a British hockey site,, so I thought I'd come check it out because way back in 1995 when visiting my family over in Winnipeg they took us to a Jets game. I couldn't believe the atmosphere compared to one of our games England. Alot has happened with hockey in my city and we nearly ceased to exist a few times but we pulled through and I hope the Jets can do the same. I followed the Jets for a few years and tried to follow the Coyotes but it's not the same. So come on Winnipeg, get the Jets back on the map!

That was the best map the NHL ever had. The NHL needs Winnipeg and Winnipeg needs the NHL. The events of 1996 were the typical causes of divorce, money. It's time to re-marry.

October 25, 2003 - K. Aptain (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I love it! Scott Taylor always takes the opportunity to communicate the dire financial state of the NHL - especially of the 'precious American franchises'. He's been a huge supporter and has played a key role in the future Return of the Jets to Winnipeg! I loved hearing his Coach's Commentary on 92 the morning of the exhibition me pumped up! Scott, you should bring it up on your commentary on The Score! GO JETS GO!

Remember, The Score is based out of Toronto. They likely don't know where Winnipeg is. Ouch. You'll hear more from Scott Taylor, I can assure you.

October 14, 2003 - Jason (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hi, I'm a big fan of your site.

I was wondering when your "Contacts" page will be updated. Do you find it strange that the only people who seem to be against the idea of bringing the Jets back, or think it will be impossible, are a few select people living in Winnipeg? I think they fail to understand that Denver, St. Paul and Atlanta all lost NHL teams only to regain them later.

I've been to the first 2 Moose games this year. The first game was alright - nearly 8,000 fans, but the game yesterday afternoon might as well have been played in a high school gymnasium... a little over 4,000 fans and quiet as a tomb. Granted, it was Thanksgiving, but most people had the day off and you'd think with relatives visiting from out of town would have liked to have caught a hockey game before Thanksgiving dinner... (the game did start at 2 pm after all).

The True North Centre looks to be a great arena. And I think we could cram an extra 500 or so fans with standing room only tix for NHL hockey. And an arena that holds 15,500 and is sold out for every NHL game should certainly be appealing for any potential NHL owner in this city. I think the biggest problem with Winnipegger's is that they lack vision (and I live in Wpg. by the way).

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

And those Moose attendance figures are sketchy at best. I saw the highlights along with the sea of red seats all through the first 10 rows. I guess everyone was sitting on the side the cameras couldn't see.

October 13, 2003 - D. McDonald (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

WOW! It's so great that someone is trying to get the Jets back to Winnipeg. We used to be season ticket holders for the Jets from '92 to '96. WE HAVE NOT GOTTEN SEASON TICKETS TO THE MOOSE! We have only gone to a couple of Moose games now and then and to be honest it wasn't that bad. It was inferior to the NHL, but sort of entertaining. That was, until they moved to the AHL. Now it's just brutal! We won tickets on Global Sports to last nights game against the Baby Leafs, and it was terrible. Everybody kept giving the puck away and making terrible passes. Nobody in the crowd was ever into the game.

One good thing I have noticed at Moose games, though, is that in the crowd there's always lots of people wearing Jets jerseys. I thought of them as people who just wouldn't let go. That is, until I found this wonderful website. It brought tears to my eyes when the Jets left to Phoenix (sheesh, what will they think up next?) but when I came across this website, I couldn't contain my excitement. Good luck on your campaigns and I (and every last person I've ever known) is behind you absolutely 100%


The less the Moose draw, the closer we are to the dream of our Winnipeg Jets in a new and improved NHL.

October 9, 2003 - C. Pellettiere (Florida)

I just wanted to say a few things and share my thoughts. It's not totally related to hockey, but I think it's relavant to the cause. Oh, and it's a bit long, I hope you have time to read it.

Hi, my name is Chris, I'm a New Yorker turned Floridian. Football is a major part of my life. I've followed it on a regular basis ever since I can remember. So, basically, I know what a good fanbase is all about. I'm a hardcore fan of the New England Patriots. I get a bit emotional when things don't go the way they should, and even when they do (you should have seen me when they won the SuperBowl). I enjoy watching football on TV, and whenever possible, I would get to go to a game. I understood, over time, why Cleveland and Green Bay fans are so emotional about their teams moreso than any other franchise in the NFL. Fanbase is everything to a team and the city in which they play.

I started following the NHL in about 1992. I was about 13 years old. A friend of mine is a huge Rangers fan, and when they won The Cup in 94, he was quite a happy person. It's fun to follow a team who represents the pride of a city or town. Every year he'd dream of the Rangers winning The Cup, and it finally happened. This was also around the time, though, where the "corporate" attitude of how a sports team should be portrayed came about. All of a sudden, teams were relocating all over the place. It was starting in the NHL, and was bound to happen elsewhere.

The first of these wierd moves I can remember were the Minnesota North Stars. They up and moved to Dallas, and I kept thinking, "Wouldn't the ice melt over there during a game?" Of course a silly joke that amused people. Then a few years later, the Winnepeg Jets moved away. I can understand if it was another cold climate area, but Phoenix?!?!? By this time I was following the NHL pretty well the year prior, and knew what was going on. I wanted honestly to bring back the Jets. I'm not kidding either. I was beginning to understand about The Whiteout. That's a whole other story. Then I remember The Los Angeles Rams and Raiders of the NFL move to new areas: St. Louis and Oakland. It seemed it was getting out of hand. Then came the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. I'm not a fan of the Browns, but I do care of what the fans wanted, and I thought it was pretty shady of what Model did. The Browns fans were the most dedicated I ever did see of any fanbase, and the team gets moved to Baltimore! Now, most recently, it's the NBA's turn with the Hornets being moved to New Orleans (Charlotte gets a new team back after about a year later)!

In my opinion, The Jets have just as good a fanbase as the Cleveland Browns fans do, and if Cleveland can do it, I KNOW you will overcome adversity and bring back The Jets! I have faith in whoever will become involved with the campaign. If I had the money, I would do just that. I may be living in Florida, and I never lived in Canada, ever, but I understand and I care. Good Luck in your quest. You have my moral support.

It's all about the orange and blue of the Denver Broncos for me, however I can't imagine what the Mile High City would be like without them. Nice to hear that someone who has never been here is aware and respects the true origin of "The White-Out". May the best team win on Monday November 3 on ABC!

October 8, 2003 - Natalie K. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job in promoting this vision. It seriously brings tears to my eyes thinking of what once was and what it will be again. I have written to you before, and have also sent a quick note to our old buddy Glen. I figure that he may have some ideas, but more importantly should know how people feel about this and how serious we all are. I will do what I can to promote your site and bring hockey back to WINNIPEG!!!

Everyone should drop a note to Glen. Trust me, he'll listen.

October 7, 2003 - Al (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I am from Minnesota so I know what it is like to lose a team, I feel that the Jets should have never left and its a shame that there is no team in Winnipeg! Keep up the good work and keep us informed

Bus tours to Minnie for a home-and-home series against the Wild? It writes itself. Here's the division: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Minnesota. The rivalries speak for themselves.

October 6, 2003 - I. Walkes (Vancouver, BC)

I hate the JETS

They were a thorn in the side of the Flames growing up. They'd blow a bunch of games and then flip the Flames right around playoffs. But nothing worse than seeing them leave.

As far as I'm concerned when you have to give away a vehicle almost every home game to get people through the doors (ie-Carolina) and you have a whole province that didn't want to see their team go south, something is wrong.

I hope Mr. Bettman is listening and finds a solution before next season. South of the border isn't where hockey is king and you can't tell me that Atlanta, Tampa or Columbus is more worthy of a franchise than Winnipeg.

And we hate the Flames. Now let us live in harmony.

October 5, 2003 - M. Hren ("Upstate", New York)


Wherever you're from (Rochester, Finger Lakes, Albany, Buffalo?) we say thanks!

October 4, 2003 - N. Murtsell (Vancouver, BC)

Hey, great site! I hope Winnipeg gets a team back. I'm in Vancouver and a huge Canucks Fan and I'm tired of playing a US team in the playoffs and fighting for tickets here in Vancouver while seeing a half empty arena in Anaheim or wherever. You're right about the size of the market. I swear half the fans in the some cities don't even know what is going on. I also love the rivalry between Canadian teams (let the trash talking begin!!!).

Keep up the push and I'm sure the NHL will return when they relize you can't have a league with no fans.

There's a formula that hasn't surfaced yet.....Fans = League.

October 2, 2003 - D. Dobson (Salt Spring Island, BC)

I had, since the demise of the Jets, flatly refused to watch hockey, until late last spring (except I must admit during the Canucks big run a few years ago). By last spring I guess I had finally given up hope. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of B.C., but have remained a Bomber fan since my arrival in Winnipeg in 1957 before most, if not all, of you were born. I went to Kelvin, which I must admit I did not enjoy, but Winnipeg has a very special attraction for me.

I'll contact Peter Warren on this as I understand he tried hard to keep the team there. I am sure Peter will be enthused. With a sold out building and a combination of normal TV coverage and Pay-Per-View revenue, we would be much more palatable. The very best answer is the NFL solution, of revenue sharing, in the best interests of the league. I was very disappointed in Brian Burke's negative attitudes, as projected in the CBC interview, although I was encouraged by the other supportive interviews. The very best of luck in your push.

Mr. Burke has no idea what the CBA will allow a city like Winnipeg to do any more than the next guy.

October 1, 2003 - J. Thompson (Toronto, Ontario)

I saw you on the CBC.

Huge Peg fan, living in Toronto....not a Leafs fan. Habs now really....I shared both teams back in the day. During the Jets last season I went to the last game they played in the Old was great 2 bits of hockey history shut down.

I believe as you do my are doing great work. Everyone I talk to would love to see them come back. Ask Mario if he wants to move to Winnipeg and call them the Winnipeguins! You can use that if you wish!

Consider it used. Let's keep the red and blue though.

September 20, 2003 - L. Wallace (Leuven, Belgium)

We moved to Belgium 3 years ago and I went to my 6 year old son’s first hockey practice last night. The team has kids from all over the world on it but the thing that struck me was all the Maple Leafs jerseys. I sighed and thought “if only Matthew could have a Jets jersey”. Then this morning I find this website and tears came to my eyes! The dream is alive!

My mom died in May of 1996. While she was in the Palliative Care Ward at St. B, Prince Charles came to visit the hospital. He came to my mom’s room. He asked her if she used the TV in her room to watch “ice hockey”. My mom was only a week away from dying of cancer, but she began with “don’t get me started” and ended with His Royal Highness learning an important lesson on what a die-hard Jets fan is all about.

Keep up the good work Darren. Winnipeggers every where are ready for the New Era!

That was perhaps the best e-mail I've gotten yet. Though Matthew won't be able to see hockey in the "old barn", lets hope for everyone's sake that he can see the Winnipeg Jets in the new True North Centre one day soon. And on that note I shall go for a Stella Artois that is in my fridge (no joke).

September 19, 2003 - C. Dinnell (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Tonight as I was watching the News, I saw a clip on what you are trying to do for your wonderful city of Winnipeg. I get really down when I see a NHL team leave our country, and know that we're not going to get one back in return, so it put a big smile on my face to hear someone out there is doing something.

I`m writing you this e-mail because I would like to help out, out here in Vancouver, by doing what ever it takes, handing out flyers, holding fundraiser nights, or anything else you would like me to do. I own my own promotional company called Richtown Entertainment so I could really help you guys out. I`m also a big Canucks fan and remember the early 90's where it seemed like the Canucks were either fighting the Jets for a playoff spot or playing them in the first round, so it would be nice to see that again.

I would love to be apart of retrieving your Jets back into the "White-Out".

Some people have actually converted into Canucks fans here because of the farm team afiliation. Mostly kids that don't know any better. We need to give them better, what I had. Jets vs. Canucks in Round 1, not Moose players called up to Vancouver for a week. Thnaks. We will keep you in mind when the time is right!

September 18, 2003 - S. Antonation (Montreal, Quebec)

I just wanted to congratulate you on a great website and for fueling some renewed optimism that Winnipeg will once again be home to an NHL Team. You just appeared on the Global National newscast which I've picked up here in Montreal during the supper hour. The website was displayed prominently twice in the feature. You simply can't get better marketing than that!

I moved to Montreal almost 4 years ago but will always remain a die-hard Jets fan. I can't give it up at my end either. After more than 7 years this thing just refuses to die for many of us. Just as an example, some ex-Winnipeger friends of mine now living in Toronto have developed an annual tradition of coming to Montreal for the Leafs/Habs game which is always covered by Hockey Night in Canada. For the October 18th game, I'll have two couples crashing at my place and we will again wear our Jets jerseys to the Molson Centre. Have a look for us on HNIC - we'll try to get in a plug for the website. (FYI, mine is an official game-ready #25 Thomas Steen in honour of the man who spent his entire NHL career with the Jets and retired at the end of 1995 when it looked like the team had just played its last game in Winnipeg).

Please keep the cause going despite any criticisms you might get along the way. Don't forget that getting the arena downtown was a frustrating, uphill political battle that is now a reality after an absolutely pathetic three year delay. It wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the tremendous determination of some forward-thinking people who care about the future of Winnipeg. The arena will be a plus to Winnipeg no matter what happens. Now all we have to do is build on that momentum. Anything is possible.

All the best

If you knew me you wouldn't be worried about me giving up. You're right, it did take vision to build our new arena and, although a little late, it is the catalyst for a re-birth downtown. But only with a re-birth of the NHL inside it.

September 17, 2003 - From a July 9 Rant (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

September 18th-White-out! Canucks vs. Wild, lets make people take even more notice to this campaign. Imagine over 16,000 at the arena again..not sure if they'll put that many up for grabs..but either way, everyone in white chanting Go Jets Go! This day will be a huge step I believe in putting Winnipeg back on the map as an NHL city. Tell your friends, and anyone you know to wear white to the First Fight! Tickets go on sale August 12th, I believe..Go Jets Go!!!

Well here we are...

September 16, 2003 - Brent (Toronto, Ontario)

Wow! I'm loving the audio. I'll have to check out the Manitoban online. Wore my Jets jersey to the Jays game on Saturday. You wouldn't believe how much the people of Toronto want the Jets back! I even met someone from Winnipeg's north end who was scalping tickets! Should've brought a sign to advertise the game but it's too late for that now.

Good job plugging in TO. A North End Winnipegger scalping tickets in Toronto. Classic. Here's that Manitoban article <link no longer available>

September 15, 2003 - K. Gillespie (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Behind you 100%!

My friends and family all agree. We need this level of optimism in Winnipeg to create the great city it should be for generations to come.

There is so much potential for excitement downtown and our university grads to stay put. It all starts here...

September 14, 2003 - Ben (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Let's not get discouraged about what Brian Burke said about the NHL returning to Winnipeg. Burke has always been a realist first and lets face it, under the current conditions it is not possible for Winnipeg to ice an NHL team without a dramatic change. I don't think Burke lacks confidence in Winnipeg so much as the ability of the league and the players association to strike a deal that will work for all small market cities, including Winnipeg.

Sure the odds are against us, buy hey, isn't that what being a Winnipegger is all about? We might not have control over the negotiations after this year is over, but we can give them something to think about. Wouldn't it be nice to go down in history as the city that helped save Canadian hockey?

Mr. Burke is about to get a dose of what city "cannot" be included in any future NHL economic structure.

September 13, 2003 - Ross (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Some buddies and I posted notices around U of M today to promote the white out. Everybody has got to get out there and do their part. Do like a garage sale does, put up a sign on a median before rush hour on Portage, or Pembina or any major street. Every little bit helps.

Indeed it does. Get your signs out there people. Pick an inter-section!

September 11, 2003 - D. King (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Hi, I'm writing from St. Paul, Minnesota. I wish the Winnipeg hockey fans good luck in returning a team to the town. I've been to games in the old arena near Polo Park and I believe with a new complex it can work again. Winnipeg is a true hockey town and people need to take action for it to return there. In St. Paul when the WILD started hockey again it totally revitalized the downtown, we are no longer a little sister to Minneapolis. I believe it can happen there. Instead of buses coming down here to see the Maple Leafs or Canadians play, it would be great to see some of ours heading up north for the weekend, and leave some of our money there. There are a lot of new hockey towns where it doesn't work. ( Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus, etc. ) But if the local people don't take action NOW it won't happen there. Winnipeg for the good of your economy, and fans, get off your butts and wallets to make it happen.

Sounds like too much sense to me. If only everyone understood. Take it from the people who lived through exactly the same era we are currently enduring. Wake up Winnipeg! The Twin Cities are waiting to play The Peg one day soon.

September 7, 2003 - J. Schultz (Toronto, Ontario)

I am currently living in Toronto and being surrounded by Leaf fans is just down right disgusting . After the Jets moved I began to cheer for the Sens . Even though they have had struggles they've done it right . Smart management and scouting has led to their recent success . Should Winnipeg get a team from wherever I hope that they will be managed better . I don't think Winnipeg hockey fans could stand another blow . Best of luck to your campaign . Go Jets Go!

A little love from TO! Nice.

September 6, 2003 - T. Steele (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I keep hearing radio ads promoting the game, but they don't mention the whiteout because they're trying to promote the Moose games as well. We need to get a seperate ad just for the exhibition game itself and promote the WHITEOUT!!! It would look really bad if we have patches of white, and then the rest of the fans in other colours. We'd look like Polkadots. Which brings me to my next point, I don't want to see people wearing off-white or cream coloured shirts because they're "close enough", they aren't close enough, and you'll stick out like a sore thumb. Let's get on the ball and make sure that everyone is aware of what's going on, even if they don't check this site regularly.

There is a White-Out ad running on FREQ 107.1 that strictly promotes the White-Out and this campaign. It should be airing regularly the week prior to the game. Listen for that as well as A-Channel, Global TV, Red River College, U of M and Calgary Herald stories coming soon as well. An exciting night is ahead of us, but you're right, we MUST do it right!

September 5, 2003 - Chris F. (Edmonton, Alberta?)

I sure wish I could be there for the exhibition game to lend my voice to the cause. I moved away from Winnipeg when the Jets left, but I will return when they do (2004!!!) I am extremely passionate about hockey and my Jets! Please save me from cheering for the Oilers any longer! Vive La Jets!!!

Hang in there!

September 4, 2003 - Blue Jackets fan (Columbus, Ohio)

I think a greater Canadian presence is needed in the NHL, as this is the league's true fan base. However, when I posted earlier (in the guestbook), I had just finished reading all 14 pages of this thread; several posters had suggested that Columbus can't support/shouldn't have an NHL team. The numbers simply don't back that up.Our average attendance (not tickets sold, but butts in seats) last season was 17,600. There seems to be a common misperception that because our TEAM hasn't been good, our franchise is struggling. Obviously, that's not true.

Go Blue Jackets, and go Jets!

I look forward to the day when I can make a road trip to Winnipeg to watch my Jackets play the Jets.

We stand corrected. Thanks for the vote of support. Afterall, we do both have teams that are "Blue". The Bombers of football and the Jackets of hockey. Labatt would be all over that!

September 3, 2003 - Mr. Gierek (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Anyone with a little bit of vision, and a lot of money, can see what the opportunities would be from bringing an NHL team back to Winnipeg.

Good Luck Winnipeg!

The spin-offs are endless.

September 2, 2003 - Avery D. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

This is probably our last chance at getting the NHL back in the 'Peg. A new arena and a new CBA? The iron is hot, and its time to strike it.

Thanks to Darren, the topic has been brought up on TV and in newspapers. Now the rest of us have to pitch in. Before you go to the game on the 18th, pick up a 3 pack of cheap white t-shirts. If the guy beside you forgot to wear white, give him one. LET THE HOCKEY WORLD KNOW WE ARE UNIFIED AND ORGANIZED. Let'em hear the sound of White Noise!

Did you hear that Winnipeg hockey fans? That pretty much sums up the importance of this night.

September 1, 2003 - B. Stokes (Toronto, Ontario)

I'm pleased to say that in a few short weeks I WILL get the chance to experience the whiteout. I ordered tickets for the upcoming NHL exhibition game minutes after they were made available to the public. I didn't care that I was on holidays in Connecticut at the time.

Sadly, the Jets won't be back to help us celebrate our whiteout next month. But there is a chance that 13,240 white-clad hockey fans can cause enough of a ruckus to make people realize that there is a city that NHL expansion forgot. A city that craves the action and excitement it's winters were robbed of 7 and a half years ago.

If there's a group of people that can pull it off, it's Jets fans.

See you at the game.

Though the story that preceeded this excerpt is not shown, the effort to get here was the hands down highlight. See you there!

August 8, 2003 - Cory (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Bring back the Jets because everyone who went and who watched them at home and across the world knows that we can sellout and we can prove that we can do it again with an NHL franchise!

You heard mayor Murray...90% of seats sold as season tickets is what we'd need. So it's as simple as doing just that. 1500 walk-ups to fight for each game.

August 7, 2003 - R. Champagne (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hey keep on with the great work Darren. I check out out your site twice a week. And yes I am for sure going to the game next month. Question for you: where is Benny the Jet mascot? We need him at the game.

I am hoping a local t-shirt making company will make old and new Jets white shirts and sell them at the game. Anyways people keep on spreading the word. Go Jets Go!

There are people hunting down that costume as we speak. Cross your fingers because Benny's presence would create quite the commotion. T-shirt companies, did you hear that?...

August 6, 2003 - Eugene Melnyk (Owner of the Ottawa Senators) (Ottawa, Ontario)

But what's going to be very important, I think, is the negotiations that the NHL has with the players' union [in 2004], because that could help out a lot of small-market teams.

This place [the Corel Centre] was overbuilt. I think if you knocked 4,000 seats out of the place, it'd be a sellout every game.

That would make it 14,000 seats and tickets hard to come by. Ours will be 15,000. Doesn't sound so bad now does it.

August 5, 2003 - Jo (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Your a great inspiration and leader in all of this Darren. Keep up the good work.

I truly believe this city will have an NHL team in the next few years! I also wanted to add that I'm right behind you on this September exhibition game. We'll show why we deserve a team and you can bet I'll be wearing white too.

Spread the White-Out word! You need only to know 3 things for that night...
Yell "Go Jets Go", do "The Wave", make a sign.

August 4, 2003 - L. Martin (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

First of all, I must commend you on you're efforts! Growing up watching every move our Jets made I have to tell you I was a little more than excited when I found you're site. I was there when they signed Bobby Hull on the corner of Portage & Main, when Teemu had his unbelievable rookie year and sadly I was there trying to save our Jets. Imagine the feelings that I now have resurfacing knowing that we will one day be able to once again make the trip (downtown) to see the guys play again. I've been to 2 Moose games and there just isn't any electricity there. I'll see all of you guys (the best fans in the NHL) soon.

The Moose are missing alot more than electricity...they're missing interest. It was never there. We'll see you soon too! On September 18th.

August 3, 2003 - B. Havelock (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

As you may be aware the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba underwrote the losses of the last Winnipeg Jets NHL team. When the team was sold, the owners of the team reaped a huge profit while we, the taxpayers, picked up the losses. If your plan includes any public money or tax concessions it will definitely meet with my opposition. Clearly there are more pressing issues for all levels of government than subsidizing a professional hockey team for the benefit of the jockaucracy.

If the private sector provides the investment capital and assumes the risks associated with running an NHL team here then go for it my friend. Just don't ask for government handouts.

Well put. I couldn't agree more. See "News" for August 3rd. Jockaucracy...that was classic!

August 2, 2003 - J. Adam (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Sit up and take notice: Our Mayor, Glen Murray, has changed his mind...he is now in our camp! Can you feel the winds of change in this city?

Fight on Jets fans!

Nice to hear from the person from whom I received one of my very first e-mails from. Nice to see you're still on board! Look how far we've come already. Much work ahead, but well worth it.

August 1, 2003 - C. Braun (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Ok, so I was a skeptic. I had to laugh every time my boyfriend told me the only time he's ever come close to tears was when the Jets left Winnipeg. For the 5 years since I've known him, he's been talking about ways Winnipeg could get another NHL team.

Ok, so now I'm becoming a believer. I just read the Winnipeg Free Press article (August 1, 2003) regarding your meeting with Mayor Murray. Sounds like you've convinced him. It seems like this return of the NHL to Winnipeg movement gains more momentum everyday. Way to go!

Oh, and we would definitely buy season tickets for a new team and we will be at the White-Out in September. Keep it up - you're gaining steam.

I will keep it up. You'd be surprised of how little convincing Mayor Murray needed. He was on board from the moment I said "growth downtown". When I was done he simply said..."let's do it".

July 25, 2003 - J. Kantyluk (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

I can remember my Dad listening to the Jets on the radio when they took the Avco Cup home for good. The pride I could see on his face is one of my fondest memories..... I've been a die-hard fan since.

I am honoured to be a part of what you have started and will do my part to bring back OUR team! How can I help? What can I do to make a difference?

I had the Jet logo tattooed on my shoulder 6 months ago. I was going to add the dates 1972-1996, (yeah, like a tombstone) but for some reason, I did not. I think now I know why....

Yeah, you might want to keep that last date open. Patience, hard work and a plan will get us our team back. You'll get your call. Be there screaming on September 18th for starters and donate to keep this campaign alive once the fund is set up soon. That's all for now. Remember, we have time. Keep spreading the word!

July 24, 2003 - J. Kantyluk (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Keep the real game alive. I've been a JETS fam since the WHA. I now live in Thunder Bay. I've seen at least 70 games throughout the years. Having the Jets back in the Peg would be a dream come true.


July 23, 2003 - T. Surovy (Whitehall, Pennsylvania)

My friend sent me this link, and as probably the only Winnipeg Jets fan on the east coast of the United States, your website brought a tear to my eye. I tried be a Coyote fan but my fire has been gone from the NHL since the day after they moved my Jets from Winnipeg. We need NHL caliber hockey back in Winnipeg. I became irate when Minnesota was awarded a franchise considering Winnipeg averaged more fans than the putrid North Stars. A city in heart-ache all because of a lack of an arena and a greedy still irritates me.... I become very meloncholy when I think of the days of watching Hawerchuk to MacLean then comparing any Coyote combo (sans Shane Doan). Thank you for bringing the fire back in my desire to see hockey in Winnipeg.

A new arena is 13% completed. A new NHL is around the corner. A plane ticket with your name on it is not far behind. Write to Eddie O! Give us the Pens. Pittsburgh doesn't seem to have any respect for Mario Lemieux.

July 22, 2003 - Kell (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I checked out the WHA website and read the article about them looking at Winnipeg to be the flagship franchise. My dream is still to see the Jets win the Stanley cup but the WHA might not be a bad stepping stone. In either case, the article cemented my boycott of the Moose once and for all. My other dream is to see the Moose go broke and have a yawning True North Center waiting to welcome real paying customers! I know for sure that I will attend the NHL preseason game but never-ever give any of my money to our second rate bush league Moose!

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. As much as the WHA seems like the right idea, I don't believe it will spawn an NHL team in the future like it did in the past for reasons too lengthy to discuss here. It too will eventually become another IHL once an NHL player strike is over. I realize the WHA's timimg on this one, but it will no doubt be short-lived. I think Mark Chipman will realize the value of having an NHL club over that of a WHA club.

July 21, 2003 - John Doe (alias name) (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have more people talking Jets’ hockey than ever before. I LOVE IT!! Your site is plugging along with awesome articles and rants from the real people who believe. The fire has begun and we must continue to fan the small flames to build the inferno that is NHL fever.

I currently work for the Manitoba Moose organization. I have worked a ramp for many games. There is nothing I can see about the AHL that will ignite the downtown. It is unfortunate, but I have listened to the fans in my section (most of which are long time season ticket holders), and have heard the same things game in and game out. The playoffs this past season said it loud and clear. There wasn’t anyone there.

I do believe we HAVE to take FULL advantage of the NHL preseason game. Last years game was a packed house with both upper decks open. With just a little advertising we can create mayhem that someone will have to notice. WHITEOUT IS A MUST!!

Look for Scott Taylor's support for the White-Out in the Free Press. It should be a wild night!

July 20, 2003 - K. Doran (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I would enjoy NHL hockey as much as the next guy coming back to Winnipeg; there is enough praise already to repeat what has been said. I am more interested in what the NHL would mean to this city. If a franchise came back to this city, in the middle of a dilapidated and neglected downtown, it would make the citizens of Winnipeg confront the unfortunate truth of our suburbanization. By bringing people back downtown (and by this I mean more than once a year for Canada Day, or all the summer tourists who drive to the Forks from the far off places of St. James and Fort Richmond) it would pump money into local business, entertainment, and change the economic failure of Portage and Main. Heck, Clifford's could still be around had this happened years ago!

A vibrant, winter economy is what the downtown needs, and NHL hockey can be the catalyst to bring that. People might then see what its like to live "in a city" for the first time in years, and experience the urban phenomena of physically bumping someone on the street. The closest thing to an urban experience in Winnipeg currently is peeing in the through at a Bomber game, or the two month stretch on Corydon where people, get this, eat outside next to passer-byes. NHL hockey could allow downtown to regain its stature as the cultural centre of the city (which currently exists at the corner of Regent and Lagimodiere). The NHL could bring back life to the greatest part of this city; its core.

The AHL certainly won't. Nice reference to Clifford's. We'll have to bring Ab D. Cards back from Calgary too.

July 19, 2003 - Jeremy (St. Louis, Missouri)

I wanted to let you know that I sincerely hope the NHL will someday return to Winnipeg. I'm from St. Louis and I was up in Winnipeg a few years ago and I had a great time there. The people were great and I look forward to coming there again.

I was saddened when the Jets left Winnipeg. It didn't seem right that a city who supported the Jets like Winnipeg did had to lose their team. I hope one day Winnipeg can get another NHL team because you certainly deserve it.

Hopefully they'll be a "Battle of the Gateways to the West" one day again. Thanks for stretching "The Arch" of support from the Mississippi to the Red River.

July 18, 2003 - R. Graham (British Columbia)

Great job Darren, I miss The Jets. I live in BC now and hate the Canucks. The only thing worse that the nucks are their fans! GO JETS GO!

There is nothing like Jets fans anywhere in the league.

July 17, 2003 - W. Passcola (North Western Ontario)

Ever since the jets left, I have reluctantly adopted the Ottawa Senators as my favourite team. But I must say that my love for the NHL just is not the same....I used to love going to the big city of winnipeg to see the jets play,(I live in north-west ontario) and i could name every single jets player at the time. Now I'm lucky if i could name most of the NHL teams, let alone the players. It should be a rule that if a city has palm trees, it should not have an NHL team. I will not go to Winnipeg and spend my money just to see that pee-wee team, aka the Moose play.

Even though it may take a couple of years to get the ball rolling...I know Winnipeg will get its NHL team back...if Minnesota can do it, so could winnipeg

I think it's safe to say your not alone.

July 16, 2003 - Anonymous (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

This preseason game is the chance we need to show the league owners we're serious. Let's pack it to the rafters in a sea of white.....imagine the buzz around the league.......a sold out preseason game with a playoff atmosphere. That'll get those owners with empty arenas down south thinking.

Well said. Now lets actually do it!

July 15, 2003 - D. Kamins (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I am sending you this e-mail, because I am not only interested in what you are doing, but I also feel that there will be "high-level hockey" in our community again one day soon.

As a longtime Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder (I was a former Jets season ticket holder for eighteen seasons), there is nothing that I would like to see more than a return to Winnipeg, of "our Jets."

As you, yourself said, "Power by numbers."

Those numbers are about to skyrocket. We WILL solicit interest to bring a team back if we believe in it 100%...and we do.

July 14, 2003 - N. Paget (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

First off, I love the website, I check it out every day. I am a diehard Jets fan and when I first heard of this back in May I can't tell you how excited I was. I am an optimistic believer that this can happen and I look forward to seeing this campaign take off. I understand that it's summer and people aren't thinking about hockey so I wish everyone would be patient. The important thing is the ball is rolling and we all owe that to you!

Anyway, I will definitely be at that exhibition game and I will be wearing a white Jets jersey. I don't think it will be that hard to spread the word of the whiteout. I'm sure all the visitors to your site will spread the word and it will get around since the game is still 2 months away. But I think our friend Scott Taylor could definitely help our cause. Mabye he will write an article mentioning the game and the proposed whiteout. I'm 30 yrs old, I have a two year old daughter, and I would love to be able to bring her to Jets games when she's older. I miss NHL hockey so bad I've been thinking about moving to Calgary or Edmonton but now I'll think I'll just stay put for awhile, and if this dream is realized, then I'll stay here for good.

(a) Attention Winnipeg
(b) Attention Scott Taylor
(c) Take note Mayor Murray. This brain drain thing has alot more to do with NHL hockey than you might think. Sounds silly but it's true. Thanks for pointing this out yet again Mr. Paget. One day it might sink in. Wear White on that Thursday night!

July 13, 2003 - Evgeny (Calgary, Alberta)

I currently live in Calgary and as much of a Flame hater as I was, at least this city understands the importance of NHL hockey and won't have to learn the hard lesson Winnipeg has. I would love to move home to the 'Peg, but as a true Canadian, I sure am not ever trading my NHL season tickets here (even if they are the Flames) for that of the AHL Moose. If the day does come that the Jets do return, you can bet that I will return home and be first in line at the True North Centre. Don't give up, patience is the key.

A Jets fan converted to Flames fan should be enough motivation alone to want a team back, nevermind for the sake of Winnipeg! Lets convert him back!

July 12, 2003 - K. Schmidt (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I am totally in awe at the passion you have for bringing the granduer of NHL hockey back to its rightful home. After reading your page about motivating everyone to bring back the Jets, I can't tell you how great I think your cause is. My brother raised me to love Hockey and my team was Winnipeg because Keith Tkachuk has been my hero since I was 10. I have followed him from his days as Winnipeg's captain to the reluctant move to Phoenix, to his current run with the Blues. I love and miss the Jets, and to know that there are still die-hard fans out there, is very re-assuring. The franchise will never be forgoten. I'm only a college student so I don't have the kind of contacts and resources you may need. I would gladly contribute to your noble effort. However, until the opportunity presents itself, I pledge my support to the Return Of The Jets cause. Keep up the fight, Winnipeg Will Win!!

Winnipeg will win as soon as we start thinking positively about our own city. One day the trend may be to move from Calgary to Winnipeg because things are booming here and because we feel that they are. Winnipeg will win if we think big and think into the future. Otherwise, it's Calgary-bound for another group of college grads.

July 11, 2003 - D. Conley (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I think that you have a excellent idea! I have read your ideas in the the Free Press and think that it can happen with all the crap that is happening in the States with the small amount of people venturing to see NHL games in their non-hockey cities. I share your idea's as well as many of my co-workers. I would love to see the day when I can go and see an NHL game here in Winnipeg rather than in Calgary or Minneapolis. You have my support along with some of my co-workers...... I will sign my name for a team.

Winnipeg doesn't seem to want to understand that people are spending money elsewhere and NOT here!

July 10, 2003 - Ira (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I am from Las Vegas, Nevada but my buddy from "The Peg" just emailed me a link to your website. As a hockey fan in a city with only a AA team starting next season, I applaud you for taking action in getting a team back to Winnipeg. I wish there was something I could do to help you out but alas I am only 19 and all of my sources of income go towards college right now. There aren't a lot of cities who can hold teams like The Peg did. Good luck to you and keep me posted on your progress.

Being "only 19" makes no difference. If you believe in the cause, fight for the cause. People have referred to me as "kid" in this campaign and I am 26.

July 9, 2003 - R. Braun (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hey Darren. I am absolutely thrilled to see this site doing well as it is. I have forwarded the site to all my die hard Jets fans here in the city and to everyone else that I know here in Canada. Everyone is getting really pumped about the possibility (soon to be reality) of our beloved Jets coming back to where they belong. I know for a fact, that just by talking to my buddies about this that we will have a whole section of season tickets and I'm pretty sure that I am not the only winnipeger who would be part of a big group of friends who would all buy season tickets. Winnipeg has the best fans in the entire world. I have season tickets to the Bombers and the atmosphere is always electric but it doesn't compare to the Jets. I will always be a die hard Jets fanatic. I can't wait for the current NHL to crash and bring the NHL back to where it belongs. It'll be nice to wear my Jets jersey's at a JETS game again rather than at a Canucks or Leafs game. GO JETS GO!! Keep up the great work!

The work has just begun. A long road awaits us but I say lets take it and paint it red and blue along the way!

July 8, 2003 - E. Bailey (Ottawa, Ontario)

I'm writing to throw my support behind your campaign. I'm from Ottawa and I remember when having an NHL team seemed an impossible dream for our city. When the idea was first proposed, it seemed preposterous. In fact, many citizens of Ottawa laughed and dismissed it. But the support WAS there and the dream came true. It is more than 10 years Ottawa was awarded a franchise and now the Sens are on verge of winning a Stanley Cup (next year, I promise). The team has overcome a financial crisis and now has a new Canadian owner who truly loves the game. I look forward to the day when Ottawa plays Winnipeg once again, hopefully in the Stanley Cup finals. Winnipegers are true hockey fans and the game belongs in that city along with Quebec and Hamilton.

How true is that.

July 7, 2003 - Tracy L. (Florida)

I just wanted to let you know I was so excited to see this campaign to bring "our" Jets back to Winnipeg. I grew up in Winnipeg and went to many Jets games and was there when they left. I now live in the United States, Florida of all places and constantly get the "we are the best in hockey" attitude, and constantly argue about where true hockey fans come from. I always said that hockey in the south was just a fad and eventually would come back North where true hockey fans are and where the game is understood. I have forwarded this site to everyone I know in Winnipeg. I wish you all the best in your efforts. I know I can't help you down here but I sure can start bragging now about Winnipeg making a comeback!

The global television is a great idea. Here I pay $140.00 each season to get most NHL games and Hockey Night In Canada through the cable network. You have no idea how happy I get when I hear the "Hockey Night In Canada" theme start!

Keep watching HNIC this season. I'll bet you'll hear about the campaign. Try telling people on the peninsula of how we used to cut through a mall just to keep from freezing walking from our cars to the arena! Stay tuned!

July 6, 2003 - S. Ross (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Awesome site Darren, I check it out everyday! This preseason game coming in September is the perfect opportunity to show just how serious this city is about getting the Jets back. We HAVE to pack the building, and do whatever we can to promote the site and cause. If we are smart, it could be just the stage we need to stand up and be noticed in the NHL community even more. How about pulling out all our old Jets paraphernalia and show prospective owners we're not just going to settle for cheering on another NHL city. We ARE an NHL city and soon North America will be made aware of this. Keep up the inspiring work Darren.

I'm all for it. I will try and devise a game plan for that event. Handouts or website business cards for everyone entering the arena plus around the concourse. Possibly a media call for a White Out? We'll see. Definitely not the first I've heard of this suggestion.

July 5, 2003 - S. Henderson (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

You never know what you have until you lose it! I never really attended many Jets game as I was still pretty young and didn’t have much money, however if I can just have another chance I would by seasons tickets and carry it on in the family and pass them down just like they do in Montréal. I hope that some day we will have the Jets back and I am itching to buy season tickets, for now I’ll just keep that money in the bank and wait it out.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Good to know the younger crowd wants to put their disposable income into NHL hockey. Also interesting that you'd rather save it than go to see the Moose. That is a perfect case and point.

July 4, 2003 - Ed G. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just want to say love the site and I hope this really takes off. There is going to be an NHL preseason game at the Arena September 18th, This would be a good time to promote the site at the game via handouts or something?

Did you hear that Winnipeg? What do you think?

July 3, 2003 - R. Timmermann (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hats off to you on your efforts to spearhead the "Return Of The Jets Campaign"! I'm with you in believing that it's just a matter of time before it happens. Like you , I miss the N.H.L. presence in our city big time. I went to see a Moose game a couple of years ago, just to see what it was all about, and needless to say, I never went back. Give me my Jets back!! I have a video tape of a Jets- Canucks playoff game from the spring of ' 92 in which the CBC did a masterful job of depicting the " white-out" atmosphere in the Arena, complete with a great pre game ice-level interview with Donald S. Cherry! I still get the chills every time I watch it. It remains one of my most prized possessions, and will remain so until the boys come home! Keep up the great job you're doing, I promise you it will not be in vain!

The Moose will not succeed. There is no question about that. The question is whether or not Winnipeg wants to see growth downtown or an empty hockey shrine that is a green-out instead of a White Out.

July 2, 2003 - G. Mills (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Maybe I'm being optimistic, but how do I put down a deposit on 4 Seasons Tickets for the 2005 season?

But great site, glad to see there is someone out there to take the bull by the horns and get things started, I too do not doubt that there will be NHL hockey in Winnipeg in the not to distant future. Of course the biggest single factor is the outcome of the 2004 CBA negotiations.

The CBA negotiations are a huge factor but I must stay optimistic that the NHL will change. It has to! One day we will look back at the non-Jets NHL era as the worst in history.

Canada Day, 2003 - Mike (Vancouver, BC)

I have recently stumbled across your website and have to say that I was thrilled to discover that there was a renewed effort to bring the Jets back to Winnipeg. I was born and raised in the 'Peg and have many, many fond memories of following every move that the Jets made. I've been living in Vancouver for 10 years now, but I have never forgotten my favorite team. I still buy any Jets memorabilia that I come across, from pencils to 30 year old Iron on patches! I just wanted to add one more positive impact that the return of the Jets might have on the city of Winnipeg, and that is the return of some of its former citizens (Reverse brain drain for politicians, increased tax base!). My wife and I have considered moving back to Winnipeg (back for me, she is a born and bred Vancouverite) over the years. While she is willing, one of the major items that keeps me from moving back is the lack of an NHL Hockey team. I was back in Winnipeg a couple of months ago and commented to my buddies that I probably move back if there was an NHL team. That may sound like a silly reason to relocate or not, but the truth is that it is that important to some people. I remember making the trip back to Winnipeg for the final tribute to the jets. My buddies and I were all gathered in someones basement watching on TV as the final goodbyes were said. I also can remember looking around the room and seeing tears in the eyes of some of these guys. One of them said that "only the Jets leaving could reduce a city of grown men to tears" and I always think of that whenever I remember the Jets.

Please keep up the battle. Winnipeg is a great city and could become world class again with the return of an NHL team. There is a large contingent of ex-peggers out here in Lotusland and so I will try and spread the word of what you are trying to do. If I could make a suggestion, you might want to consider getting some air time on some of the local sports stations(TEAM 1040, CKNW 980 etc) both here and in other cities in order to draw more attention to what you are trying to do.

I couldn't have said it better. I have been on Alberta and Manitoba radio but have not graced BC airwaves yet. Soon. Very soon.

June 30, 2003 - Jr. Willows (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Great site. I too share your passion for the Winnipeg Jets, and I want you to know that for my birthday I went to River City Sports and bought a Jets home jersey and put Essensa on the back with the patented #35 on the sleeves and back. Why? Because I believe that the NHL will return to this city, and I believe you have the guts and determination to make it so. A hardworking, intelligent guy like you is exactly what this town needs. I was starting to get a little sick and tired of the constant complaining and procrastinating that I've heard towards the possibility of the Jets returning. Anyways, I'd just like to say once more that I appreciate what you're doing for Winnipeg and our citizens and that the city's behind you 100%. You're right, IT CAN BE DONE!!!!

What this city needs is severe wake-up call. Mind you, so does the NHL. Thanks for the vote of confidence. (Bob-bee, Bob-bee, Bob-bee!)

June 29, 2003 - J. Gottfried (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Darren, I admire the positive approach you are taking to the possible return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. As someone who bought season tickets throughout the WHA and NHL years, I am pleased that you are taking this initiative. I am sure that Winnipeg is a better NHL city than more than half of the present locations. They may be great cities but they have not embraced hockey and never will.

The economic structure of the NHL and the period of rapid expansion are a dismal failure and have left the league with the prospect of a prolonged player/owner strike/lockout and the likelihood of several more teams facing bankruptcy. A return to traditional markets (especially in Canada) and a more reasonable economic structure are the most viable options that the league and players will have. This will be mutually more constructive than continued bankruptcies and hundreds of unemployed players.

Thanks for bringing this issue forward NOW so that we will be ready to show real support when the opportunity to return the NHL to Winnipeg is presented.

Being ready is what it's all about. The question of Winnipeg being a hockey city will never be disputed. The question that does remain is whether we want to be a city period...or just a large town with small goals and aspirations.

June 28, 2003 - C. Wright (Selkirk, Manitoba)

Way to go Darren. I am a Selkirk-raised Winnipeg Jet fan who can still remember heading over to the old barn when the likes of Marcel Dionne and the Los Angeles Kings were still sporting the old Yellow and Purple. I don't think in terms of IF the Jets return, because like many people out there, I know that it's just a matter of WHEN. I will be the first guy out there purchasing JETVISION to support our team and relive the excitement of a great franchise on my own TV. Some other great ideas like a JETS LOTTERY and a JETS CASINO, will do well in supporting our team and give our community the option to do so whenever they like. It could also spark tourism. Good luck from all of us Darren; The Believers.

How about all road games on a network cable "JETS-Away" Pack with home games as black-outs to assure attendance. I'd play VLTs if I knew revenues from certain machines were going to the club. I'll even buy expensive, warm beer if the money is going into the club. Time to do things right this time around.

June 27, 2003 - D. Johnson (Toronto, Ontario)

Good job. I am also a die hard Jet's fan, still cheering for the ex-Jets in the league, Stuey Barnes, Teppo, Freddie, Khabby, etc. I still tell the great stories about the NHL's most underrated star Dale Hawerchuk!

Now living in Toronto, I have the benefit of seeing NHL hockey. Sure I'm a Leafs fan but they're nothing like the Jets. I use to plan my visits back to the "Peg" based on their home schedule. When I lived in Vancouver all the ex-Winnipegers would watch and cheer the Jets, especially in the playoffs....those were great days.

I think there is a significant fan base out side of Winnipeg who would support the Jets by coming home to see them play. I've already committed to my friends in Winnipeg that I would contribute to a season ticket if they come home.

That's the spirit so many people in Winnipeg don't see. The support is there. Big time.

June 26, 2003 - C. Paley (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

First I'd just like to say that I think your site is great. I've been checking it every day since I saw it featured in the Sun. I've been thinking about having the Jets back since they left, but like everybody else I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. You took the initiative and got people talking about it once again, thanks alot! This is like a dream come true, and it just seemed to pop out of the blue too. I'm sick of people saying we're too small of a market or we screwed it up the first time around so we'll never get another chance. I've even heard that since we gave Bobby Hull that million dollars and introduced the concept of the insane salary to the NHL, we're universally hated. That's crazy. If Nashville can somehow get a team, we certainly deserve one. I'm pretty sure they think this mysterious thing known as "hockey" is played with a greased pig with a bell around its neck and a soup ladle. If things keep going this way I'm going to be watching the Tijuana Banditos vs. the Buenos Aires Conquistadors fighting for the 2045 Stanley Cup.

Anyway, thanks for the great site and I wish you the best of luck with all this. I couldn't care less about the Moose and I'm sick and tired of cheering for the Maple Leafs. If we do get the Jets back eventually because you got the ball rolling with this, you'll be the hero of the city.

I am just one voicing the opinion of thousands. I figured it's about time. This site is step one. I'd still cheer for Buenos Aires over the Leafs!!

June 25, 2003 - H. Doerksen (Canada)

As a huge hockey fan and a die hard fan of the Canucks (dying especially hard every year around playoff time) I would love to see the rebirth of the Jets even if it meant the loss of a really great farm team.

It has probably been broached already, but diversion of lottery funds (a new one- "Jets Lottery") to offset the cost of having the team might lure investors. The long term economic benefits to the city itself could also be gauged and a portion of that "money" could be funneled back into the team (or perhaps the arena instead?). Having the Jets back in a western division would also be better for the other western Canadian teams and the NHL (through easier scheduling etc.). Again maybe there is a reciprocal dollar value that could be exacted from this change that could be made available to the Jets.

Anyway I probably haven't said anything that you don't already know, but..Good Luck!

Alternative revenue sources are a possibility in theory and are seen in many other professional sports markets. The long term economic benefits to Winnipeg are definitely ignored. They would be of huge significance. Whether our government hears this clearly is another ball of wax, no pun intended!

June 24, 2003 - Kris (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Ever heard the saying "Dreaming is for losers who just can't make it work!" Well this is no I see a plan that really will work. I'm very impressed with how Darren is doing this...building the movement in logical steps and in a reasonable time frame. I agree that the time is not yet right for the rally...not enough of us behind the movement yet. This is a plan that WILL work and like any good hockey player, I'm 110% behind it! GO JETS GO!!!!

Patience and strategy equals opportunity and victory. I've got the plan and it will unfold as the months go by.

June 23, 2003 - Neal (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I'm sick and tired of all the people laughing in my face about the Jets returning to Winnipeg. Hey guys let's face it, this can happen! The feasibility to do so is there! Let's go Winnipeg. We will see the white outs again. This city will be the loudest to play in. Our Jets will return!

Those who laugh are the same people who love to complain about Winnipeg yet don't ever want to get off their butts and do anything about it. He/She who laughs or complains should be spending their energy changing Winnipeg for the better. I am 26, this is MY city now. We'll have the last laugh Neal.

June 22, 2003 - B. Liever (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

So the NHL draft comes and goes with no big trades. Why? Because nobody wants to pick up the big, fat, ridiculous contracts. This is the beginning friends. The GM's know what is happening next September and soon, the NHL of today will collapse! Then.........Go Jets Go !!

I couldn't have said it any better. I think it was the group Europe in the 80's that declared "The Final Countdown". Out with old, in with the new. Winnipeg will be included in the new NHL.

June 21, 2003 - Matzel (New Brunswick)

Hi There!
I was stationed in CFB Shilo from '93 - '97. During those four years we made many (400km!!) roundtrips to the Peg to see the Jets. We must've seen at least 20 games/ season. We were there when Teemu broke Bossy's rookie record and when Steen's number 25 was raised to the rafters... Memories...
I now live in New Brunswick (no professional hockey other than major junior in Moncton for example), but I hope that the Peg will get another crack at the big show. THE FANS DESERVE IT!!!
Back in '96 I donated $100.00 to the grassroots campaign, but I was re-imbursed 'cause the Jets were leaving town...
Dancing Gabe rules!

Dancing Gabe does rule. Get ready to donate for this campaign and the rewards will be enormous one day soon!

June 20, 2003 - Matt (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

No one believes that this can happen but everyone wants it too. Atlanta gets 5000 fans a game so don't tell us that 15000 isn't enough. Everygame would be sold out and Winnipeg would once again be known as the city with the best fans. Yeah so most teams have arenas that hold 20000. They never fill up! There is no legitimate reason why Winnipeg can't have NHL hockey again. All we need is an owner to realize that taking a chance on Winnipeg can be a worth while investment. It's can't even be called a chance because it IS a worth while investment. A team in Winnipeg can get the NHL excited in hockey again after they see what real fans can be like. The Jets will we back it's only a matter of when.

Keep up the good work Darren.

My point exactly. Nobody actually has a legitimate answer to why the Jets can't return besides the same run-around mumbo-jumbo that insults our intelligence. The NHL is about to crash. Stay tuned to the dumping of dozens of high-priced players this summer...or should I stay the attempted dumping. 15,000 sold seats a game is more than adequate for the NHL of today and will be even more than adequate for the NHL of 2005.

June 19, 2003 - R. Pankhurst (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Great site.

I am 14 years old and a die hard hockey fan. It is sad that Winnipeg lost their team when they did. I had only just started watching hockey the year before we lost the Jets. Now I have to hear of the old Winnipeg-Edmonton rivalries from adults. This is no fun. Last year I attended my first N.H.L. game. It was Vancouver vs. Minnesota and I must say the atmosphere is totally different from the A.H.L. or could it be that I was in a luxury box! No, there is a profound difference between the A.H.L. and the N.H.L.

Bring Back the Jets.

When I was 14 we were unvailing the new (and last) Jets logo of the 90's. It was exciting. The thought that the Jets could ever leave town didn't even cross our minds. All of the sudden I was 19 and watching Phoenix unvail a coyote holding a hockey stick. You're right Robby there is definitely a difference between what the Jets brought out in hockey fans and what the Moose do. We can only try our best to get you to a REAL White-Out again by the time you get your driver's license! (Mom. Dad. A white convertible??)

June 18, 2003 - Trevor (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I think we should get a team back, I mean if Colorado, Minnesota and Atlanta can get teams back, I'm sure as hell that the best fans in the world deserve a team back! No offense to the Moose, but they'll never be Winnipeg's team! Jets all the way baby! Thanks Darren for trying to turn a dream into a reality!

Those cities have more people but we have more hockey fans.

June 17, 2003 - D. Letourneau

If everyone is REALLY SERIOUS about the Jets coming back, there should be a "Bring Back the Jets Fund". What exactly am I talking about? If there were 150,000 people in Winnipeg that are interested in the Jets coming back, and we kicked in $100.00 each to be held in trust by a CGA, that's $15 million dollars!!! If local and large businesses were interested in kicking into this as well, which would be refundable should (god in heaven forbid) nothing come of it, that could potentially be another $30-40 million dollars! That makes over $50 million dollars sitting there as HUGE incentive to woo an OWNER! In addition, we could hold a "MOCK SEASON TICKET/LUXURY BOX OWNER" section to the website. This would allow the powers that be, and any potential owners, to view a SELLOUT of the True North Centre. The money would be there, the seats reserved, and the proof that Winnipeg wants its team back! This would also, in turn, free Darren up a bit to do additional things to bring the team back. Seriously. This is an idea, which would PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT how serious we all are about this.

Sounds TOO good to me. I will set up the donation fund first to sustain this site and launch and AD campaign in papers and billboards. Despite staggering hits to the site, it does need more. It must get even larger in order to generate the support you speak of. So spread the site as much as possible because there are many more out there. If we, as serious fans, are willing to put forth additional funds then I am all for it. We will see how the summer unfolds. Remember, we have time.

June 16, 2003 - J. Neufeld (Cheongju, South Korea)

Darren, this all sounds pretty sweet! I've heard rumors for a while, but didn't understand that it was possible until reading through your website. So, thanks for clarifying things a bit! And if J.D. and Scott Taylor are talking seriously about it, there's no reason for me to say there's no hope. I'm a Winnipegger who's living in South Korea right now, doing some english teaching, but I'm planning to be back in Winnipeg this coming winter. I'm a big hockey fan, and have been for my whole life and yeah, I miss the Jets, like everyone else. I had to become an Oilers fan, I wouldn't have dreamed of that when the Jets were here. Thanks for the efforts you're putting into this! And you can tell people that you have support from South Korea, if you don't already have some (I'll have to spread the word out here, there are lots of Canadians here).

Where there's a will, there's a way.

June 15, 2003 - Russ (Vancouver, BC)

It is good to see your work with the "Jets". Winnipeg belongs in the NHL, and the league should and I think will make changes to the structure with the new CBA to allow a city like Winnipeg to perhaps have a team and ice and competitive club. If Green Bay can survive/prosper in the much larger NFL, Winnipeg should in the NHL.

It was great to see that HNIC-Satellite HotStove clip with John Davidson and company discussing the Winnipeg-Penguins making it sound like many power brokers in the NHL were interested in bringing the Jets back.

When a few months ago I saw on the net that Winnipeg was building a new arena with 15,000 seats I thought:
-Well 15,000 is probably double what they need for the Moose, so the NHL may be in the minds of the city.
-But, newer NHL rinks usually have at least 17,000 seats plus luxury boxes.

Davidson and HNIC seemed to think that the rink at 15,000 with the 80 or so luxury boxes was enough, but have you heard anything from the NHL rumour wise that this is so? I hope that some owners step forward soon and that Winnipeg is back in the League by 2004-2005. We need strong united Canadian teams in the NHL

There is to be 46 luxury boxes in the True North Centre and 15,015 seats for hockey. It will be a loud intimate building that is state-of-the-art technology. The NHL has no requirements for arena capacity, but wants the market to be feasible. Is Winnipeg a hockey market? That speaks for itself. The new arena, sold-out every game, would bring in more than adequate revenue for a new NHL (tickets: $19-$95). Most teams currently don't bring in an average of even 13,000 fans a game, so why build it for 20,000? Make it hard to get tickets. Make it exciting to get your hands on a ticket. Now where's that smart owner??

June 14, 2003 - John G (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Darren, I admire the positive approach you are taking to the possible return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. As someone who bought season tickets throughout the WHA and NHL years, I am pleased that you are taking this initiative. I am sure that Winnipeg is a better NHL city than more than half of the present locations. They may be great cities but they have not embraced hockey and never will.

The economic structure of the NHL and the period of rapid expansion are a dismal failure and have left the league with the prospect of a prolonged player/owner strike/lockout and the likelihood of several more teams facing bankruptcy. A return to traditional markets (especially in Canada) and a more reasonable economic structure are the most viable options that the league and players will have. This will be mutually more constructive than continued bankruptcies and hundreds of unemployed players.

Thanks for bringing this issue forward NOW so that we will be ready to show real support when the opportunity to return the NHL to Winnipeg is presented.

We definitely need to start this NOW so that we are prepared rather than miss the boat. The NHL has to be aware that we are the front-runners for a franchise re-location.

June 13, 2003 - The Walker Family (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I want to say that I am excited for the first time in a long time at the prospects of a revitalized Winnipeg. Is Darren Ford a dreamer or a visionary? I think he is a visionary. I have sat around since the Jets left thinking, I wonder if the economics were ever to change, would the NHL come back? But I never did anything about it! Now Darren comes along and has put some sound facts out there to show that at least it is possible. Can Darren afford to buy a franchise and move them here? I doubt it. But he can lead a group of tens of thousands of Winnipeggers who share the same vision. We together can get the message out there. What will that message be? Bring a NHL team here and we will buy season tickets! We will sell out the new arena for every game. Why? Because we love NHL hockey and we learned from the past that we can’t be complacent. We want it and we will pay for it! I suggest a rally at the Forks to show our support for Darren, and to send out the message that we are serious. Can you imagine 50,000 supporters, all wearing white sending a message to a potential owner? I can! I will be there with my 3 yr old daughter, counting down the day that I can take her to a game!

You're right, I definitely cannot buy a team but I do agree that building would be full every single night. I'd love nothing more than to give your daughter a very special 5th birthday...watching the Jets play the Leafs on a Saturday night!

June 12, 2003 - J. Cinq-Mars (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hockey needs to be in Winnipeg. Attitude is everything. Life is and always will be 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it...essentially attitude. I was very disgusted with CJOB after listening to their show. I think you put it best on in your Website...the only obstacles are here in Winnipeg. Winnipeggers are too small town for their own good. Look at the crying and whining that took place when Sam Katz tried to get funding for the ball park. Every half-wit with vocal cords screamed from their respective soap boxes that "Winnipeg does not need a ball diamond", "It will never sustain itself". Where are those people now? I am sure pouting somewhere because the ball diamond is sold out every game and they are expanding. Why? Because of the very same vision you speak of: Mr. Katz has vision. Maybe Mr. Katz should invest in an NHL franchise!

Tickets will be higher but so to is the demand for hockey over baseball - Thank you for pointing out the abundance of blind, negative Peggers Mr. Cinq-Mars!

June 11, 2003 - A. Reimer (Calgary, Alberta)

I am currently a student attending college here in Calgary, AB. I came across this site from a friend who sent it to me, and I know it can work. I have talked to many of my friends from accross the country and they all say they would support and know people from back home who would support the effort to get a team back in Winnipeg. We have Calgarians and their Flames who would love to see the Jets rivalry back. Edmontonians and their Oilers who would love to see the old Jets-Oilers playoff games instead of the Stars. Even people from east of Winnipeg in Thunder Bay and beyond who would drive hours to see some good NHL hockey again. This is a process that can be done if we get the support from fans, and corporately. I am doing my best to help you guys out west by e-mailing television stations and news papers. It just takes some effort from all of us and we can have our Jets back. I was so fortunate to grow up with NHL hockey in Winnipeg and I want our future children to have the same opportunity. So from the West I say keep up the good work, it can be done! It's a good start to get it on national T.V. I know Grapes is a great Canadian and he would like nothing more than to see an NHL team back in the city with the best hockey fans in the world. So lets all jump on this band wagon and get it done together.

There is no doubt other Canadian cities would love the rivalry back!

June 10, 2003 - I. Chalmers (Beverly Hills, California)

There is some history pertaining to your situation, Minnesota lost a team and then got one back.

President PrimeSport International


June 9, 2003 - Adrien (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

What an edition of SATELLITE HOTSTOVE last night. John Davidson referencing that Winnipeggers are talking about bringing a team back could be just the shot in the arm that this city needs. Ron MacLean saying that maybe Lemieux could come back with the Jets! That is the icing on the cake. There is only one more season before the CBA is up, so now is the time to start talking about this. The NHL needs to know that even though Winnipeg isn't at the table, we have an interest in the NHL and eventually want to be back at that table where we belong. The local media here has shown tremendous response to this initiative (including CBC radio), and it's time for all of Canada to know about and how passionately Winnipeggers still feel about a team that never advanced past the second round and left town seven years ago. Don Cherry has said repeatedly that Winnipeg fans are the best fans in the world, and we won't disappoint. Redline or no redline, big goalie equipment or not, I don't care. The NHL is the best hockey in the world and I want to see it live in Winnipeg on Hockey Night in Canada.

My Canada includes the Winnipeg Jets.

I can't imagine a Saturday night in Winnipeg vs. the Leafs. Extra paramedics may be required.

June 8, 2003 - James F. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

IT'S ABOUT TIME......We as Canadians need to realize that NHL hockey needs to have a bigger presence in Canada. Getting the Jets back in Winnipeg would be one of the best things the NHL could do. The true nature of hockey fans lie in the Peg as I have been to lots of games in lots of cities. I laugh when ESPN says there was nothing louder than a game in the old Chicago Stadium. This of course was followed by Don Cherry saying "Oh yeah, you want loud and excitement, go to a White-Out in Winnipeg". Who ever brings the Jets back to Winnipeg would be given the keys to the city and I for one would buy season tickets the day they go on sale. LETS GET THEM BACK!!! GO JETS GO

Season tickets would definately not be a hard sell. Especially those Jets vs. Coyotes tickets!

June 7, 2003 - Darren (Atlanta, Georgia)

I am a Winnipeger who now lives in Atlanta. When I first moved here in '98 I was exstatic to find out that we were getting a team. I went to the very first Thrasher game and it almost made me cry. Once I saw the arena, concessions, ticket prices etc. it made me think that we would never have a team in the Peg again. How could we compete with all of this? The corporate sponsors down here are way more than anything in Winnipeg. "Officially" the Thrashers have an average attendance of around 15-16000, but believe me when I say that there is no more than 10-11000 at the game. The fans don't know hockey... its a social outing for big business. THEY SELL SUSHI AT THE CONCESSIONS!?!?! If that is the NHL I don't want it. I'll simplly cling to my memories of the good old days of our beloved JETS!

We'll take a bag of Old Dutch Salt 'n' Vinegar Chips over that Sushi any day!!

June 6, 2003 - M. Reimer (Steinbach, Manitoba)

Well, you have basically summed up my feeling since the Jets left Winnipeg. Difference is, you have the balls to do something about it, rather than just complain about what we have now. Here some background on me. I have season tickets to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and the Minnesota Vikings. I have attended about 5 Minnesota Wild games a year since they came to Minneapolis 3 seasons ago. I am a DIE HARD sports fan and I was a DIE HARD jets fan. If I am willing to drive 7 hours, 8 times a season for the Vikings, I think I could make the 45 minute drive to Winnipeg (I live in Steinbach), 44 times a year.

Sign me up for 2 season tickets and tell me where to pay and it will be done. I would guarantee that you could sell the building out with season tickets plus 5000 on the waiting list before the team played a single game.

Possibly THE best comment I've heard so far! Wow. I'm a Broncos fan but I commend you on your loyal support! Just exactly what we will see here in Winnipeg. See you on October 19th (Vikings vs. Broncos at Metrodome!)

June 5, 2003 - Troy (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


I came across your site while checking out the Source for Sports AAA tournament site. I coach Bantam hockey in Minnesota and have been to a few Winnipeg Jet games. The Twin Cities, just like Winnipeg, once had a team stolen from us (a.k.a the Minnesota North Stars). I am for taking teams like Tampa Bay, Atlanta, San Jose, and Anaheim and moving them back up north where they belong. Therefore, good luck to the people of Winnipeg and to the province of Manitoba because there is at least one American pulling for you.

There's the reason I'm proud to say that all of my relatives are American! R.I.P. Met Center. Green, yellow, and white were the colour of the seats: Modano, Broten, and Ciccarelli were the "Stars"

June 4, 2003 - B. Novak (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Great job!

I'm a Winnipeg native who left 3 years ago and am now settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I agree with you 100% regarding Winnipeg being able to support an NHL team. There are a lot of people here who will drive 2.5 hours to Detroit or Chicago to watch an NHL game when there is an AHL game in their own backyard.

Despite that, the fans here are NOTHING like the Winnipeg fans - not even close!!
Good Luck with "our" campaign.
Long Live the Jets!

Red Wings and Blackhawks have a nicer ring to them than Griffins don't they?

June 3, 2003 - S. Simons (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Good on ya for making that cures homesickness that's for sure! I came across a guy with a Canadian flag on his backpack and after a closer look I also noticed he had a smaller patch on it as well....I walked closer and noticed it was a Jet's symbol on it....I was in Rome at the time....I didn't get a chance to talk to him because the crowds were insane but I thought that was so cool to see! So you see even us Winnipeggers who are half-way around the world still love to boast the team that we love so much and would love to get back! All I can say is that I wished I had brought my game-worn Moe Mantha jersey with me.....well bye for now from sunny Amsterdam, keep up the good work!

The only thing better than a Moe Mantha jersey is a game worn one! That or a Phil Sykes jersey!

June 2, 2003 - K. Hart

Just wanted to say great job with your site! I really want to see hockey return there and to its glory days. Excellent!

June 1, 2003 - A. Duguay (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The site is amazing. I think it was the old guy from A-Team who said "I love it when a plan comes together", and it looks like this one did.

If this site is only getting better, this thing is going to take off.


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