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December 31, 2004 - W. Sarkonak (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to say keep up the good work with the Jets Campaign. I've been following it since I heard John Davidson mention that Winnipeg deserves a new team during the Cup finals a few years ago. Your doing a kickass job. You walk through the door and we will all follow you through it.

So long as I don't walk into it! The way we're growing we'll bust that door down.

December 30, 2004 - R. Park (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I am 30 years old and have lived in Winnipeg all my life. I have never been the same since the Jets left Winnipeg. My family and I grew up watching and going to Jet games right until the day they left. I know having the Jets here brought me and my family closer together. When I tell some people this they don't understand how great the impact was. People say it was just a hockey game but to my family it was something we all loved together and would have in common to talk about. I went to a Flames playoff game last year and so many memories came back of the Jets playoff runs and the noise of the Whiteout. It brought excitement and joy to the community and I feel Winnipeggers deserve to have that atmosphere back because Winnipeg fans are the best in the world. When the Jets left I would have never guessed the impact it had on our city. I know now more than ever that our city needs the Jets back to make our community closer and put us back on the map and keep our young citizens in Winnpieg. We need more people like you to make the same efforts and determination that you have created with your website. Not only are you making Winnipeggers believe that we can do this but all others around North America as well. I applaud your efforts. GO JETS GO.

Indeed we need to keep our youth here. So many move away and while their hearts lay in Winnipeg, their jobs do not. That must be changed and a sense of pride is a good start. What better source of pride than having our Jets back? Not to mention the Cinderella story of getting them back.

December 29, 2004 - K. Tupper (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I was woundering if there is a place to buy that new jersey consept.when i saw it my jaw dropped. It is amazing.

Thanks. Many people seem to love the simplistic concept. Unfortunately it is just a concept and no such jersey exists (yet!)

December 28, 2004 - M. Pepper (Ontario)

I think the site is a very good idea. It is well done.

I honestly believe hockey will return one day. Those sun belt markets are dying a rather slow death, as well as the Pittsburgh's of the league. (Which is sad)

I live in Ontario, and I hope to see some Jets games again someday.

Sooner than later.

December 12, 2004 - Jeff P. (Edmonton, Alberta)

I currently live in Edmonton, and during the golf off-season am a bartender at the West Edmonton Keg Steakhouse and Bar. I had the pleasure of serving a gentleman from Los Angeles the other night. He was in his late 30’s possibly early 40’s. I asked him to rate himself as a sports fan. He said he considered himself to be somewhat astute when it comes to the world of sports, and went on to say that he reads the LA Times sports section on a daily basis. After learning this, I asked him what if any impact has the NHL labour dispute had on him and his contemporaries in California. His response was astonishing…and exactly what I was hoping for, “had I not been in Ontario on business last week, I wouldn’t have known anything about it”. This is a man who claimed to be sports fan. A man who later stated that he usually went to one or two Kings every year. He had no idea that the NHL wasn’t operating. The lockout was into its third month already. What makes this more incredible is that he’s a fan of a team that’s been around for more than 30 years. What’s the deal in Nashville, Miami, Tampa Bay, Raleigh-Durham, Anaheim, Dallas, Atlanta, and PHOENIX? If LA Kings fans don’t care, how can those franchises possibly survive when play resumes? Folks in the south will have had too much time to reacquaint themselves with monster truck, televised poker, spelling bees, wrestling, and big game hunting. If those “activities” garnered better ratings than NHL hockey before, what’s going to happen now? When Major League Baseball had its last labour dispute, the effects were devastating. They had to juice up their balls in order to manufacture the McGuire/Sosa home run derby, and in turn bring their fans back. We’re talking about their national pastime here. Hockey doesn’t stand a chance in southern markets ever again. All of this can only mean good things when it comes to a city like Winnipeg reacquiring an NHL franchise. The momentum needs to increase, and people like me need to do what we can to move home, and rally around a groundswell such as this. Keep up the great work on behalf of all of us who love our hometown, and want to see us re-establish ourselves on the international sports scene. We’re all very grateful for your efforts.

They should interview us should NASCAR ever come to a hault, see how much we'd care. Ha! Take that second most watched sport in the United States.

December 11, 2004 - G. Ferguson (Nova Scotia)

I have been aware of the website for some time but have not actively contributed to this point other than a few heated arguments with people who don’t understand the campaign. I grew up in Dryden, Ontario and loved the Jets since the day I was born and attended my first and last NHL game at the Maroons Rd Barn. I was living in Waterloo, ON attending university the day the Jets died and felt that a part of me died that day too. Since then I have been arguing with people that the death of Jets symbolizes everything wrong with the NHL. This should be a rallying point for hockey fans in Canada. This is our game and if places that support the game most like Manitoba and northwestern Ontario can’t have NHL teams, then why are we supporting this league. Small towns like Dryden, Portage and The Pas have 1500 people or more showing up to Junior A games and places like Dallas and Tampa have teams when the total number of hockey tickets sold is the equal to the number of NHL tickets sold. I understand that we are talking apples and oranges as far as ticket prices but in the end a hockey fan is a hockey fan. I have recently moved to Nova Scotia from Winnipeg and now I am even more convinced of our cause. Every day I wear my Tie Domi Jets jersey or wear anything Jets, I get a pile of sympathy and support for the cause. Canadians understand what our game means to us and can’t understand why Arizona has NHL hockey and Winnipeg doesn’t. This brings me to the lockout…I find myself cheering for Bettman at this point, which I never thought I would. Player salaries are out of control and for some reason; many of these guys have lost touch with their routes. Being from Dryden, this brings me to the case of two brothers. Sean Pronger was demoted to the AHL last fall and managed to facilitate a trade to the Moose to be close to home. On the other hand, his brother Chris has been a huge supporter of the NHLPA’s position during the lockout. I am sickened that Chris’s picture adorns the Dryden Memorial Arena. Anyone who supports the NHLPA’s position can play with Brett Hull the next time the Olympics comes around as far as I am concerned because they are stealing the game from who got them there in the first place.

Here’s to 15000+ in the MTS Centre for the next true WHITEOUT. You’ll be able to hear us just as loud from the east coast if the rest of the country doesn’t drown us out.

Rally up those Trailer Park Boys!

November 18, 2004 - T. Manchur (Edmonton?, Alberta)

I am a long time supporter of your efforts to bring the Jets back to Winnipeg as is my whole family, and I've checked your website every week since it started.

As a former Manitoban of 23 years and now Albertan, I find it amazing that the attitude of people is so negative in Winnipeg versus here in Alberta where it is a truly "can-do". Don't give up on this man!!!

I am far too stubborn to give up. Minority radio stations and old-school members of our media don't know who they're dealing with if they think I'll give up this idea any time soon. Why? Because it is beyond do-able! It has never been crazy. As for you...we're bringing 'ya home!

November 17, 2004 - D. Winch (Montreal, Quebec)

Love your site! Go Jets!

Hardcore longtime Montreal Expos fan here ... we are mourning right now. Just awful. You know the drill.

Anyway, I am moving on to action, and there is a nascent movement to put together a 10-year plan to get major-league baseball in Montreal again. The usual negativism everywhere, "Yeah sure! Good luck!"

But I believe. Good luck to you guys, and the Jets rule!

Don't make us re-live that pain. We said 10 years too. So far we're at year 9 without the WhiteOuts. One more to go

October 21, 2004 - G. Mackling (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have a couple of experiences to pass along to the faithful and perhaps more importantly to the lost flock who still don't understand the impact this franchise had on Winnipeg’s status across the continent!

I have just recently returned from two separate sporting event holidays. The first was to attend communion at Wrigley Field and say goodbye to the EXPOS! I was walking down Michigan Ave. with my Return of the Jets Campaign shirt on and overheard a gentleman explaining to his wife that "Winnipeg had the best hockey fans, their team moved to Phoenix but they are apparently trying to get another team." So that was very cool. Then the same day at Wrigley Field my 80's logo shirt attracted many high fives and "too bads” from fans in the stadium. (And even several free beers!!)

But the best was this past Sunday at Texas Stadium. Twenty-thousand Steelers fans, forty-five thousand Cowboy fans and ONE Jets fan! I got "Hey Winnipeg", "Go Jets Go", “I miss them too” Unreal! One guy from New Jersey gave me a big Soprano-style hug and told me, "Don't worry, they'll be back!” I asked everyone I met if they knew Mark Cuban. Of course they all knew him, but nobody could connect me! If think we could convince him to buy us a team. He is the most passionate owner in ALL of sports, why wouldn't he want to own a team in the city with the most passionate fans...

Darren, this is so important for people to know that the JETS are STILL how people from across the world know Winnipeg. The Jets will live forever, but I think there is NO DOUBT they should live on the ice, and not just in peoples memories.

Great road stories! There is no question what an NHL franchise does for the recognition of a city on a global scale. As for ownership...we've got plenty of reputable candidates right here in Winnipeg and in Manitoba. Maybe a joint venture with a current owner? I even used to dream that the owner of my beloved Denver Broncos (Canadian, Pat Bowlen) would ride into town with shining armour. When the dust settles, it will settle back in Winnipeg.

October 14, 2004 - J. Crawley (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I like this website and your dream however the way the NHL is right now I would not want it here. The players are greedy and the Owners ruined the game for years. They now know the mistakes that were made but it could be to late to fix them.

I would love to go to a pro hockey game in Winnipeg again and hopefully if the NHL is shut down for two years it could work. Salaries have to come down and the game has to change. If the owners cave into the players and nothing changes, I am sorry but I do not want the NHL back here. In the meantime I will cheer for the Moose and attend their games.

Good Luck to you though Darren.

A very valid statement. I must admit, even I don't want the NHL back here in the shape it is in. At the same time, the Moose will never be of interest to me, or many others for that matter. Even worse, our downtown will fall short of another opportunity to truly revitalize itself. We have to believe that everything will fall into place.

October 13, 2004 - S. Joubert (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Before I say anything, I want to tell you I think your website is great, and I 100% support the return of the Jets in the near future. I grew up a Winnipeg Jets Fan, and can't wait to see them back in Winnipeg.

However, of most people I have been talking to, I seem to be of the minority. At least once a week, I get into heated discussions about the return of the Jets. I am listing the top 5 arguments against the Jets coming back. I would like to hear your input on these points.....

The points you listed have been noted and will turn up in a new FAQ section that I believe will be a welcomed addition to the site. Most people want the Jets back, they just don't see how it can happen and have dated information embedded in their heads. We'll set them straight.

September 29, 2004 - D. Mitchell (Victoria, BC?)

Hi guys. I used to be a huge NHL fan and bigger Jets fan, but after they left I lost all interest in the NHL. Now I am big fan of the CFL and realize that the NHL problems are nearly the same as the CFL problems of a decade ago. Gary Bettman promised untold riches for the league when he went for non-traditional markets over rabid Canadian ones. Sounds kinda of similar to CFL Commish Smith and their expansion to the US.

The NHL of today is brutal Players are in far better shape but the game has deteriorated into WWE on ice Fans in the Florida panhandle don't care for hockey- they care for the Fish, Bucs, Canes, Gators and Seminoles, and you know what BIG DEAL! I for one care about the Flames, Leafs, Jets, Roughriders, Bombers, Stamps and I don't need the NFL/NBA to watch high quality sport, we have it all in Canada in spades.

Except, of course, the Jets back.

September 28, 2004 - D. Wright (Hinton, Alberta)

I would just to say, great site. I live in Hinton Alberta and support your campaign. I feel that hockey belongs in Canada and I am confident that Winnipeg will get a NHL team. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Hinton. Geographically does that mean you're an Oilers fan?

September 22, 2004 - Jeremy (Boston, Massachusetts)

I stumbled onto your site the other day and felt compelled to write to you with support. I've lived in Boston my entire life and to be honest, have only visited Winnipeg twice (I have a lot of relatives in the area). I grew up a Bruins fan and will probably always be one. However, I have always felt that the citizens of Winnipeg and Manitoba were given a raw deal the day the Jets left town. There is definitely a market for a successful NHL team in the new arena. Good luck in your endeavor to bring the Jets back to the 'Peg.

P.S. Primeau sucks!!!

You must know your WhiteOut history! Yes indeed, Primeau did suck. Thanks for your Big Bad Backing!

September 21, 2004 - S. Harder (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Great website, keep up the good work! Up until this lockout started I thought we had zero chance of getting the Jets back. If this lock out lasts long enough that a few weak American teams go down....who knows? One thing I haven't heard people talk about lately is pay-per-view. When the Jets were still here I only went to about 10 games a year. If there was pay per view available I don't think I would have missed a game! MTS could even broadcast the games themselves on MTS TV. I'm sure there would be thousands of Manitobans willing to cough up the cash for a PPV Jets game.

There is no doubt that revenues exist today that were never thought of 10 years ago. Although pay-per-view has always been an idea, new technology has the potential to make it even more attractive and accessible.

September 20, 2004 - T. Bernat (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Well…It’s about time…..the league shut down…..all good. Being a huge hockey fan I’m happy the league is shut down and maybe we’ll flush the US franchises out and the money hungry players. Lets bring back a league where hockey is loved and will never be dismissed (here in Winnipeg) again. It’s pretty sad when real hockey fans don’t care if the league is shut down and want to see a real league. If you NHLer’s are reading this, remember, you are playing the game you love, do you need millions of dollars to work for a living?? I doubt it. Winnipeg belongs in the NHL, We belong in the NHL, Bring back the Jets and real hockey. My 2 cents.

If you had 2 cents for everyone who thought the way you do, you'd have alot of money. Perhaps even enough to buy a team yourself.

September 15, 2004 - L. Occhino (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you're doing with all of this. I've been following your campaign since the beginning and I have to say you're doing a fantastic job with it! I also want to let you know I e-mailed our Mayor Sam Katz in regards to my support. He contacted me yesterday however I was not home to take the call but he did leave me a message stating he agreed with my comments and how he would also love to see an NHL team here. He said, "If there are changes made with the CBA and a team becomes available for purchase we should diffenitely look into it".

And it will be looked at very seriously and closely.

September 7, 2004 - S. Nagy (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Well I think you should set up a link on the site stating to sign your name here below if you are a serious season ticket holder prospect! So here is my official kickoff as a season ticket holder for the 2005-06 season and put me down for 2! Also I encourage all other Winnipeg Jet fans to do the same and our dream will become a reality faster then Teemu used to skate down the ice!

There had better be 12,000 more of you or it will just prove we are all talk.

August 29, 2004 - R. Parkhurst (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten the dream! While it may be summer, the return of the Jets is still on many of our minds (including myself). Especially after having to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning sell tickets to the Stanley Cup final for five bucks! It's just wrong that all they care about down there is a full house regardless of the price the tickets were sold. Meanwhile, a true hockey city like Winnipeg can't get a team.

It is great that they successfully filled the building. The means they needed to stoop to is the sad part. Winnipeg CAN have a team...we just need to be on highest alert.

August 28, 2004 - M. Peters (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

It would be great if the NHL would put teams where they should be instead of places like Nashville, Atlanta and Raleigh. They are basketball and baseball towns. We have too many teams in the wrong cities. Winnipeg, Quebec city and Hartford are real hockey towns with diehards, not casual fans who haven't even played the game.

I think more and more people are realizing that. Will the NHL? Soon. Very soon.

July 29, 2004 - J. Vielfaure (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I've been following your fight to get are beloved Jets back since July of 2003. I just wanted to say I think it's great that people are starting to talk about getting a team back instead of the years past when we would talk on how it was good to have an NHL team. Even if I was only 10 years old when the Jets left, I still remember going to many games with my dad and my uncle which were certainly big highlights in my young life. Now being 18, I'm really tired of hearing about the boring Moose. My friends and I purchased our first Moose tickets this year when we went to the Jets appreciation night. We didn't care much for the AHL but we had a blast dressing in white and chanting Go Jets Go! We had the same feeling when we also went to the Canucks vs Wild game earlier in the season. Both games were fun with the people chanting the Jets name over and over and also the overall atmosphere even if nobody really cared much about the on-ice product. I kept thinking how amazing it would be if we actually had an NHL team here and how the atmosphere would probably be so explosive that the city would gain life again.

I really believe with the new arena and a more stable NHL, we could easily have a team. I'm hearing all this junk on how Kansas City and Houston want teams and I think it's ridiculous how we're getting pushed down after those cities to purchase an NHL team. The league is in soo much trouble yet Bettman thinks it can still survive down south. WAKE UP BETTMAN!!! The league has been a mess since he's been the big boss and I think it's time we not only have a new CBA but even a new commish.

I strongly believe that Winnipeg has a great chance on purchasing a team but we cannot stop fighting. If we can get Katz and the rest of the city behind this plan (which won't be hard) and of course a better CBA, Winnipeg could be back on the NHL map. This city might be a small market but I could bet anything that it would be full for every home game because everyone here breathes this beautiful game and I think an NHL franchise should go to a city that actually has ice outside in the winter instead of a city that can barely make snow.

Keep on fighting and lets hope we wear white soon!!!!

The Canucks/Wild game was my first visit to Winnipeg Arena since the Jets lost their final match to Detroit in April 1996. The Moose tribute to the Jets night was my first Moose game ever as well. I was at the Fox & Hounds Tavern by the second period. Need we say more. There is no doubt the NHL has to cut it's string of failures and get involved with big Winnipeg money. Cross our fingers...

July 28, 2004 - M. Wasylyk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I go to Red River College Downtown, and even though we were in the middle of class we took a "group" washroom break to come down to your media event at the new downtown campus. So basically I'm just saying great job, I am thinking that there might be a few less e-mails coming to you now since the season ended, but the hearts of all Jets fans are still with the operation, so keep on it. Good work

It will heat up once again come September. The puck is in the "big bucks" end of the rink.

June 20, 2004 - S. Nagy (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Granted the arena is smaller then the "old barn" but what the new arena has is a drastic improvement for watching hockey. Face it people, how many of you bought tickets to a Jets game only to have to watch it on the TVs provided! I honestly believe that Winnipeg not only deserves another team but that Bettman needs Winnipeg. He needs another strong franchise that will thrive in its new location.

Stanley Cup final tickets should not be sold for 5 bucks just to say you have great attendance figures! Hockey belongs in the great white north not in the deep south! All naysayers on the size of the new building should zip it! If you look at the logistics, don't you think the NHL was concidered when they built the MTS Centre? There is no way, even with a downtown facility, the Manitoba Moose need 15000+ seats!

So keep up the fight, buy your white (t-shirts that is) and we will see you in the near future at the MTS Centre for the Jets return flight!

The sightlines will be amazing, there is no question. We can only hope the upper bowl was built for more reasons than AC/DC, Kiss and Aerosmith.

June 15, 2004 - M. Gilleta (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I’ve wanted to rant for the longest time so here we go!

You are doing an outstanding job! I am a firm believer that NHL hockey will grace the city of Winnipeg once again. The NHL needs a drastic change to save itself from folding, and a reasonably low salary cap is the way to go. However, salaries aren't the only things that need to be changed. The NHL MUST move back up north. There isn't much sense in putting a hockey team in a city where it never snows. How can a team in a warm climate build a REAL fan base when the populous can't lace up their skates and hit the ice like their favourite players? Reasons like this explain why most Americans prefer summer spots they can play like football, baseball and basketball. The league needs to just use more logic; having game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals in Tampa is the equivalent to Winnipeg hosting the world mountain climbing championships.

The Winnipeg Jets should have never been moved to Phoenix. I've heard several times that the Coyotes lose lots of money. Did it come as a surprise that moving a hockey team to the middle of the desert to play for a city named after a flaming bird would be a bad idea? Don't get me wrong there are some fantastic hockey markets in the states, but some of the choices that the NHL has made are insulting. Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Hamilton are all better choices then Nashville, Atlanta or Carolina (Raleigh). We might be considered "small markets" when looking at overall population. However, Winnipeg has hundreds of thousands of die-hard hockey fans that don't need incentives to go to a game. If the Jets come back, we'd sell out every almost every night because we now know how much it hurts to lose them. Bettman needs to realize that to Canadians, winning the Stanley Cup is like winning the Super Bowl, the NBA championship and the World Series all in one. In Canada hockey doesn't have to compete, it's always #1!

Hats off to the Calgary Flames and their run for the Cup!


We should host those mountain climbing championships at Garbage Hill beside Costco. Ahh, what a view. But seriously, your points are incredible and all valid but unfortunately have never seemed to cross the brilliant minds at NHL headquarters in New York City. I think they will have little choice but to come around very soon. Kansas City and Houston would make for further "Bettman failures". Winnipeg would indeed be a success this time around.

June 14, 2004 - J. Dryden (Vancouver, BC)

I think you might single handedly change the face of hockey! I'm very proud of you and your fine city!

Now there's the right attitude! Seems to always find it outside of Winnipeg though. None of this will be single-handed in the end that's for sure.

June 13, 2004 - R. Vandale (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Good job so far. I was just wondering if the NHL realizes how much money they are losing buy not having the Jets here especially when the opportunity to have the Asper family involved. They are potentially losing out on a multi-million dollar TV market with Global Canada. Sure the Canadian dollar is a little weaker but it would still be a good chunk of money and exposure for the game. It would be awesome to see the return of the NHL to Winnipeg in 2005 on the Global Winnipeg Jets Hockey Network.

Check your local listings! I hope that we can twist Bettman's arm (or break it off if we have too).

ps - I love the shirts!

You're right. It is more exposure. Problem is, hockey doesn't need any exposure up north. Bettman is too concerned with his "experiment" to understand what will keep the sport healthy...a strong Canadian representation.

June 12, 2004 - J. MacKenzie (Vancouver, BC)

Good luck with this. I was born in Winnipeg but moved to Vancouver at the age of 10 when my Dad got transferred with his job . The worst day in hockey history was the day the Jets left town. To the desert!

I still wear my Jets jersey to Canucks games and am getting tired of cheering for a team with little heart. Last night when Calgary lost I said out loud - 'We need the damn Jets back'

I will be forwarding your website to everyone I know.

Once again good luck.

Eventually the whole world will know. That's because the sports channels will be declaring "Jets 5 - Vancouver 0".

June 1, 2004 - J. Cadieux (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I recently went to Calgary to see game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Let me tell you it was amazing. What I found even better than the game was the number of fans that went to see the game in Calgary who were from Winnipeg. I was proudly wearing my Jets jersey around Calgary and even chanted "Go Jets Go" when I saw a few other people wearing a Jets jersey. Everywhere I went in Calgary all I heard was....
Nice jersey, Go Jets!

It was awesome to see the number of Calgary fans who supported the Jets' return and I can proudly say that I support the Flames and their championship run. The entire nation wants the Jets back, I really saw it and felt that in Calgary. I am sure I stuck out like a sore thumb wearing a blue Jets jersey in a "C" of Red, but lets just say I was too proud NOT to wear the jersey. And the fans in Calgary never once made me feel out of place, it was awesome.

I miss the playoff atmosphere. I miss the NHL. Winnipeg is such a great hockey city that we'll travel 14 hours to go watch a game. We need a team back. The louder winnipeg gets to try and get a team back, the louder Canada will cry out for Winnipeg to get a team back. I saw proof in Calgary

I heard Houston is the next city that the NHL is seriously considering expanding to. But I haven't heard them crying out for a team. Lets make sure the NHL knows about us, and lets stay in their face about it. Keep up the great work, everywhere you look there are Jets suporters.

Thanks Calgary! And now we must multiple the supporters even further. We know they're out there...(ps - read the very first Rant one year ago today!)

May 21, 2004 - P. Bonomo (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Ah, memories. I remember going to Jets playoff games, experiencing the white outs that started the whole 'colour your crowd' craze (such as the 'C of Red' in Calgary, the 'Orange Crush' in Philly); as I watch the 2004 playoffs I reminisce to those good ol' days, and hope to see them again soon.

For my part, I bought 5 T-shirts last week (one for each member of my family), and we will be wearing them in Minneapolis at the end of June. Hopefully it'll provide some extra awareness that we need our team back.

And as for the mayoral race, my vote will certainly be impacted by a candidate that is willing to step to the plate for us.

Thanks again for your incredible efforts.

Great e-mail! The candidates will have to officially address the issue, I can assure you of that.

May 3, 2004 - T. Young (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I wanted to let you know that fully support your vision and hope that the dream will come true. Then I won't be watching playoff hockey on my couch but at a live game dressed in white and becoming deaf with the rest of the loyal Jets fans.

I know one white shirt you can's at Zellers, The Bay and Home Outfitters!

April 26, 2004 - J. MacIsaac (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Great job man! I read your "news" post on jetsowner after your meeting. I am assuming that you are already in the loop as far as new information goes. I'm going to take your word for it, regarding the "big money" for this project. I can understand that maybe it's for the best if not all details are released to the public at this point. My point is.....I have confidence in you. I know you will represent the fans well. What you have done so far is remarkable. I love your "no quit" attitude. I think it's contagious.

I wore my jetsowner t-shirt on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, in February. I brought an extra shirt for my brother-in-law, a former Winnipegger now living in Vancouver. You should have seen it. I talked to a guy from Ottawa, also a former Winnippegger, about the campaign. A guy from Vancouver came up to us and started talking to us about the Jets. I even ran into a guy claiming to be a friend of Barry Shenkarow. He saw my Jets t-shirt, and called out to me, "hey, Winnipeg Jets - right on!" I thought you might like to know that this is now an international campaign.

The coming months should be interesting and busy for me to say the least. I am prepared to do whatever is asked of me by the figures involved from here on in. The names that have pledged their backing are extremely reputable and will bring massive sums of money to the table. Think of it, if it makes sense again, why wouldn't there be people lined up? There is big money in The Peg. It's just very quiet money as well. Thanks for the "international" update!

April 25, 2004 - S. Hoeppner (Montreal, Quebec)

Perhaps this has already been thrown around a million times, but wouldn't Jetsgo airlines make a good arena sponsor for Winnipeg's new NHL franchise?! How does "Jetsgo Arena" sound? Not bad, I'd say.

It has indeed been thrown around. I'll buy in! The cross marketing ideas really write themselves.

April 23, 2004 - R.Crummett (Boise, Idaho)

Like many people you have probably come into contact with recently, you have no idea of who I am. But I have found myself spending the better part of the last two days killing work time by reading some of the content you have posted on your website campaign to bring NHL hockey back to Winnipeg.

I am from Boise, Idaho, but spent some time in Canada this past summer and fell in love with the country. I remember when the Jets left for Phoenix and thought it was stupid that a warm-climate place like Arizona should have a professional hockey team.

Anyway, what I've really wanted to say here is that I think you have got a great thing going and I wish you the best of luck in rallying the City of Winnipeg in your cause. Out of curiosity, as far as ownership goes, have you considered some community ownership plan like the Green Bay Packers use? Something's got to be going right if they can keep a professional football team.

Oh yeah - I think it would be cool to have one of those "Bring Back the Jets" shirts. Any chance that they are available online? I looked some, but couldn't find anything.

That's it from here. More to come as the plot thickens...

No online shirts yet. It's a tough service to get going but maybe in time it they will be available online. Our mayor sees some public share in ownership. Time will tell...

April 18, 2004 - M. Witiuk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

This is my millionth trip to your site and I finally realized I should write and give you kudos on a job well done. The murmur of a new franchise had started and this site surely propelled it into the spotlight. Thanks for putting faith back into the hockey die-hards of Winnipeg. By the way, if you start any campaigns or rallies to get the hockey fans of Winnipeg going, consider me in if any help is needed organizing or running the events. I think rallies would be a great idea to show the continent we're ready, especially when the NHL is closer to a resolution of the bargaining agreement. Thanks again, and keep it up.

When the time is right...we rally! Until then, click-on another million times and pick up a shirt to show your support to others!

March 31, 2004 - C. Watchorn (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Last night some buddies and I decided that we are going to the border with Jets jerseys and playing a street hockey game to bring back the Jets. I know its nothing big but with so many teams going south of the boarder and all the money they ahve down there we decided were gonna do it. I think there's about 15 of us going down. I don't know if you want lots of media for your cause like TV and radio but let me know. Keep up the good work. The Jets will be back, its just a matter of time.

Pembina vs. Emerson....Go Emerson Go!

March 23, 2004 - A. Tailor (Ottawa, Ontario)

I don't like sports. I have never been a hockey fan. When the Jets left Winnipeg I didn't really care. Prior to them leaving I had never lived out side of Winnipeg. Now years later after having lived in parts of Ontario, I see Winnipeg in a whole new light. Winnipeg is a joke in Ontario. They see it as small, isolated and dead. I call Winnipeg my home and I want this view to change. I applaud your efforts to bring the Jets back. Simply put, If Winnipeg wants to survive into the 21st century, WE NEED THE JETS.

We need them to revitalize our downtown, we need them to give our city national and international recognition, and we need to bring the Jets back to show ourselves that we as citizens of Winnipeg can change our city into the place it deserves to be.

I am now living in Ottawa but will be returning to Winnipeg in a few months

ps- where can I buy a T-shirt?

Simply're bang on! This post sums up what this campaign is really about aside from hockey. It's about our community and the well-being of it. By the time you're back in town, you'll be able to pick up a shirt at a retail outlet to be announced as soon as it becomes offical.

March 14, 2004 - J. Stephens (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I’ve heard people state that your idea is unrealistic. They say it would cost too much money to bring their family to a game. They say that people like you who don’t have families (I don’t know if you have a family or not), aren’t thinking of others that do. Their thinking is that this will never work because of the cost.

So I asked one individual, are you currently bringing your family to the Moose games? He said no he isn’t. Then I told him that it really doesn’t make any difference to you if the Jets come back or not. If your not going to one (the Moose), why would you care if they brought back another one (the Jets).

I think that even if you don’t support the idea of the Jets coming back, that the ticket prices are too expensive etc., if you’re not going to the Moose, what difference is it to you? If you’re not currently spending your money on that current form of entertainment, then why should you care?

I say keep up the good work. I know what it’s like to stand up for something just to have people criticize your efforts. Most times it’s because people don’t understand what’s going on or where your coming from. After all it’s easier to complain then it is to doing something about it!

Oh how right you are. I have always acknowledged the fact that being negative is a much easier route. I don't like that route and it sounds like you don't either. Good job. You are also the first person to e-mail me the point that I too have never understood...if people don't care about ever seeing a hockey game, why resist having a differnet hockey team back? For the few who aren't interested, just don't go. Even though I don't enjoy the ballet, I certainly wouldn't fight someone's desire to build a new facility for them or land a steady program.

March 13, 2004 - M. Berenbach (Trenton(?), New Jersey)

I am a huge hockey fan from New Jersey. I was a Jets fan growing up. Is it true we might get a team back? I hope so. So many buildings are empty around the NHL. I hope there is a lockout. That will help our chances. Take care.

I think it is certainly common knowledge that the attendences are grossly exaggerated in the many NHL cities. We would fill the house. Hope to see you at MTS Centre soon!

March 9, 2004 - Ric O. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

If people like the Moose and want to go see them play that's fine with me. When people say that they prefer the Moose because it's good enough and cheap, that's fine, but don't tell me that I have to spend even a nickel of my money watching something I actually find offensive if we're to have any hope of getting the Jets back. That's bull. Believe me, I wish I could get a rush watching the Moose but when you don't feel it, you don't feel it. And by the way it doesn't make me any less of a hockey fan. I'd rather watch MJHL and do.

The Moose and the Jets, the AHL and NHL are completely different issues and anyone who would question our NHL fan support is ignorant of the facts and really needs to be educated on the sport that Winnipeg has embraced for over 100 years. If the hockey world is really sitting back judging Winnipeggers love of hockey by our support of the Moose the they're just completely ignorant, plain and simple.

I just had to grab this one from the guestbook. It really puts the issue in perspective. To summarize: if you like Moose hockey, all the power to you. However, not everyone does and that has no connection with the chances of regaining an NHL franchise. Nor should it create a divide between us hockey fans. We ALL want the Jets back. In the meantime, some of us will watch the Moose and some of us won't (...and O'Calcutta will remain the lone merchant across from MTS Centre.) Well put Ric.

March 8, 2004 - M. McDonald (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The whiteout was great! It surely didn't compare to the Jets days but that could be because this was a nothing game and there was no reason to really get excited. I think that we proved our point anyway. Keep up the great work, I can feel the winds of change.

It is hard to compare anything to the Jets days, except maybe the future Jets days!

March 7, 2004 - J. Allarie (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Well, I think the White-Out game turned out pretty successful. Highlights were return of former Jets players, that got me on my feet, but not much else. Watching the game tonight, just made me realize how badly we need the NHL back into our city. This isn't hockey, the Jets are hockey, and the White-Out tonight just showed us how good it would be if the Jets did return. I'm about 15, and I've heard stories of people growing up watching the Jets. And when I was younger, I was just getting into hockey and the last NHL games I saw were Winnipeg Jets vs. Colorado Avalanche. But no, I wasn't old enough to appreciate the Jets, and now what do I have to appreciate? Growing up, watching the Manitoba Moose? We deserve better then that, and no matter what anybody says.. The guys at CJOB, Gary Bettman, whoever else trying to stand in the way of Winnipeg's Vision, just don't know what we need. Now from tonight, I can definitely tell that what Winnipeg needs is the NHL back to where it truly belongs...

It was nice to see people make efforts to see a Manitoba Moose Game, but imagine if it was a Jets game. We would have had something to cheer about and more of a reason for showing up. Let's just keep trying, and not give up on something that is this important.

And it is very important indeed. Never give up.

March 5, 2004 - Gerlad K. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I listened to a portion of the CJOB show the other morning. Knowing that the “on air” staff of that station and its sister station (Power97) have been against your campaign since day one, I expected a negative tone to the broadcast. Irving and Adler seemed to salivate when Andy Murray said that the Kings would probably lose money this season, probably not knowing that they have a couple of injured players out of the lineup whose combined salary equals that of the entire Ottawa Senators line up.

Overall, I enjoyed what I heard, and feel positive for our future with the Jets.

Keep fighting the good fight!

It's too bad Bill Watters couldn't have hosted the show. Yet another outsider who knows what's best!

March 4, 2004 - B. Straub (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I teach high school here in the city, and wanted to let you know just how important the hope of getting the Jets back is to today's teenagers! Even those who don't follow hockey or any sports understand the importance and profile of having a professional, world class team in Winnipeg. Many of them work in the hospitality industry, and even they see how having the Jets back would help the economy, give them more jobs, make them more money, and increase their quality of life.

I did listen to the CJOB broadcast, and although Chuck and Bob were their typical, negative selves, many of the guests were very upbeat about Winnipeg getting back into the league. True, we have to understand CJOB's audience, which may account for their negative attitude toward the Jets, but you would think that when John Davidson, Terry Crisp, Andy Murray, Don Cherry, and more think Winnipeg should have a team, they might at least think about getting on board! Perhaps having hope is something that portions of the older generation isn't used to believing in.

A new downtown arena, with an increased hospitality industry to support it would supply a huge new revenue stream for the city and province, if the NHL were to come back... maybe some people don't realize this, but that might actually LOWER your taxes, even if the team is given some tax incentives, much like the Juno awards are for their Winnipeg visit. Our premier, Mr. Doer, actually said it best, when he mentioned on CJOB that it would be great for Winnipeg to get the Jets back, if the league is restructured in a positive way - this is exactly your message!

Keep up the great work, and let's bring back the JETS!

I'll take this time to speel the campaign slogan which sums up your brilliant rant:
What Winnipeg Wants, What Downtown!
Look for that on the camapign cards that will be handed out on Saturday before the game.

March 3, 2004 - G. Holens (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have been monitoring your website over the past couple of months and am certainly impressed with your enthusiasm to return the Jets to Winnipeg. I myself have not watched any hockey at all since the Jets left in 1996. Partly because I guess I'm still not over it, and in my view the quality of the play has really been watered down. I can't imagine sitting through a 2-1 game between Atlanta and Florida.

I listened closely today to CJOB's broadcast and left feeling that the conversations were a bit of a pointless exercise. I don't see the need to ask "experts" in the hockey world to speculate on whether the Jets will return here someday. Who can possibly answer a question like that? Until the CBA is resolved these questions aren't really worth pursuing.

This is how I see the situation: Information on the Internet shows team payrolls at a low of $21 million for the Wild to $69 million for the Rangers. The Islanders at $41.5 million are the middle of the road. Under these conditions we would need to generate somewhere around 40 million in ticket revenue to ice a competitive team and to pay the salaries. I imagine advertising, concessions etc might pay for travel expenses and the rest of the staff salaries. I don't know the figures off hand but this might at least be reasonable.

So how does one generate $40 million in ticket sales? Well we would need to draw 14,000 people, 42 nights of the year at $68 per ticket. Apparently the Senators average ticket price is $69. Do we have enough fans who will pay this kind of money? That's hard to say. I know myself that at these prices I would be lucky to go more than 4 or 5 times a year. When the Jets left here in 1996 the average ticket price was $27. The Jets Payroll at the time was $17 million. We averaged I believe around 12,500 per game.

Perhaps it's possible for us to obtain a team but I think we'll need to see at least a 20% reduction in salaries to make this possible. In addition, I have not accounted for the exchange rate. I believe all players now are paid in US dollars. I don't mean to sound skeptical. I would love to have the Jets back here. I'm just not sure the public is prepared to shell out that kind of money to sustain a team. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I am. I guess only time will tell. Keep up the good work. It would sure be fun to head downtown and watch NHL hockey.

You don't sound skeptical at all, but instead rather reasonable and you've stated it in the positive way that the radio show should have. Your second paragraph mimics that of what I have stated. Also, your money crunch is almost bang-on to my December 4, 2003 posting except I guessed 15,000 for 42 nights at $55 average. It CAN work. Very valid points and well said. To answer one of your questions: I think the support will be there. We all took NHL hockey for granted before and we won't do that again.

March 1, 2004 - Brian (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I love what you've started so now - lets finish it! I havent been the same since the Jets left in '96. My feelings towards Winnipeg have deplenished alot and I contimplate moving to an NHL city all the time. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to a Leafs game and had the time of my life. I met Tie Domi and Ron Maclean. I paid 250 for my seat but you know what? It was worth every penny to me. Not only did I have to find tickets but I also had to pay for airfare, hotel accomodations and feed myself for three days. Goes to show that our fans aren't cheap and would pay high prices. I'm a perfect example. I paid over $1000 for my weekend in TO and would do it over again. Winnipeg hockey fans will support the NHL. I don't make a high salary so no one can say I'm only saying this because I make big bucks.

I think many people grossly under-estimate the amount of money that is spent outside our economy to seek professional sports. That $1000 plus a loonie could be a 14-game mini-pack in a $59 seat. And you'd still have $175 left over for your busfare ($49), hotdog/drink ($84), and a game program for each game ($42). No planes and 39 more periods of hockey cheering for your own team! Plus you just may go to one of the many new establishments around downtown afterwards to put a little extra into the economy. But what do we know...

February 29, 2004 - C. Gorham (Canada)

I visited your site several times. It is excellent and well designed with constructive thoughts about the Jets returning. I was certainly sad when the Jets move from Winnipeg.

Lets face the fact about hockey in the United States. Other than a few areas hockey is not a big time sport in the US compared to here. Regional support for hockey in the States in strong but nation-wide it is not. The AFL in TV ratings is more popular than NHL. Why don't NHL executives see the writing on wall.

Certainly my hope is to see the establishment of the Jets again along with Hamilton and Quebec City in the new economic model for the league. Your site should encourage Quebec Nordiques fan to start a similar cause. Keep up the good work.

I think the NHL has come to terms with the state of the game in the US finally. What they plan to do about remains to be seen. It sure is no secret that NHL hockey would thrive in Winnipeg despite what the naysayers say.

February 23, 2004 - C. Hodkinson (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Way to light the fire Darren. No one should underestimate the power of true hockey fans. The best thing that can happen to hockey is for Bettman to head south with all of the projects in the works and leave the real hockey in the north and along the east coast alone. His quotes about the 'salaries tripling' while he's been running the show only proves how incompetent he is. It's his lack of control over the union that will ultimately lead to the demise of his sunbelt jokes. I think of no better example than Boucher's modern day record shutout streak that got a cool television rating of 0.0% in Arizona. Now there's real hockey fans! How electric would the Peg have been if Goalie Bob or Pokey and the Bandit had that streak.

15,000 seats will be perfect for the new arena. It will create a buzz for the tickets when they go on sale. People will buy mini packs etc at the beginning of the season because games will sell out and not wait till game day to decide if they want to go because there is 4000 tickets left to buy.

Ask Sammy Katz. He has people fighting over tickets to go to a 6000 seat stadium to watch ball players that are clinging to baseball careers. My question to you is, "Where does Sammy Katz ring in on this situation?" He may not have the cash to be a real huge contributor financially but he has the smarts to make this work in Winnipeg. On top of that, I could see him being mayor some day, he always seems to take care of Winnipeg's best interests.

Hopefully Sam reads this rant page. Anyhow, I agree that the tickets would be hard to come by and 'Peggers couldn't pull their patented last minute "walk-up and move down" scheme for seats. It would take an effort to get tickets. I truly believe that.
(side bar: theories like these can only come from the minds of Warriors. I bet even Jericho would agree!)

February 22, 2004 - G. Gilbert (Calgary, Alberta)

Just watched the Flames lose to Ottawa, on this Hockey Day in Canada, brings back many memories as a season ticket holder for the Winnipeg Jets. My best memories were the playoffs against Calgary, and the Hull-Nilsson-Hedberg days in the WHA.

I am full of pride at the construction of a "state of the art" facility in my hometown, along with Sammy Katz's true gem, Canwest Global Stadium, and hope that sanity will prevail in the next collective bargaining agreement so that Winnipeg becomes "Major League" once again!

I lost my appetite for the NHL when the Jets left for Phoenix, but this campaign and the possibility that the Jets return, has re-kindled my interest.

I go to the occasional game for the Flames, but if the Jets return, I'll watch all their games on Global Pay-Per-View.

Great work and site, Darren, and I hope the 'Peg get's the franchise it deserves.

Go Jets Go!

It would be great to see "Calgary 3 Winnipeg 4" streaking across the ticker on TSN wouldn't it.

February 21, 2004 - J. Wiens (Petawawa, Ontario - via Bosnia)

I am behind you 100%. I am the most die hard fan and still to this day wear a Jets hat. It's my pride and joy. Altough I get alot of wierd looks for wearing it but not everyone has class like us Jets fans. I want a T shirt but I am stuck over here in Bosnia until the 10th of March. I'm not looking for handouts just want to show my support.

A brand new stylish shirt design is in the works and should be ready within a month. Your return should be the right time. Get home safe!

February 20, 2004 - A. Perchaluk (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just wanted to say that I've been following the news on for the last couple months now and I find it to be a great site that gives Winnipegers something to look forward to. I'm glad you took the initiative to start this campaign and I hope the Jets do return one day soon. It incenses me to here the players (many of them) turn a blind eye to the problems that are going on in the NHL, to me it seems like a slap in the face to the fans who are putting down hard earned money to go to games and buy merchandise. Also one thing I never here mentioned is that player salaries of an NHL team would obviously be contributing alot more tax dollars to the provincial/federal governments then the players salaries of an AHL team (just another way that they would benefit the city/province). Any way good luck and keep up the good work.

True enough! Plus, every game night 16,000 hardcore fans would be roaming the downtown, something it hasn't enjoyed since the General Strike! Proper revitalization.

February 18, 2004 - S. Promislow (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

First of all, I just wanted to say you're doing an incredible job. It seems as though not only the entire city but the entire country is rallying behind you, and the NHL will eventually have no choice but to give in; we want them, and they need us.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up, a buddy of mine and I have tickets to the Canadiens-Leafs game on Saturday February 21, and we're going with Jets jerseys, pom-poms, and signs for a coast-to-coast HNIC audience to see. Also, I snagged a couple of T-shirts from the release party at the Pyramid Cabaret, and don't be surprised if one of them ends up in Don Cherry's hands by the end of the night. Keep up the great work!

You're right, they do need us. Everyone keep their eyes peeled for these guys on Saturday!

February 15, 2004 - A. Howe (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Just wanted to let you know, I think you are doing a fantastic job. Seems your plan is coming together more and more, as are my hopes. Keep up the good work, hopefully we will meet at the next Jets game.

I look forward to it.

February 14, 2004 - P. Gheduzzi (New York City, New York)

Have a great time tonight at your T-Shirt Release Party in downtown Winnipeg. I wish I could be there to enjoy the festivities. One thing I would like to ask you is in the future when you will have an abundance available (the earliest being your next shipment you receive), I would like to get a campaign T-shirt. I would be happy to make arrangements with you on costs in receiving one.

As you already know, I fully support your campaign and this would be the very least I can do to show that. How much I really want you to succeed, you already have no doubts. It's the big picture and what your vision is that I have had an interest in. Too bad there still aren't enough people yet that see beyond the passion of hockey for the purpose of your cause, but in due time, there will be. This is of course the impact of bringing back the Winnipeg Jets in revitalizing your city from a morale standpoint and an economic standpoint.

It is typical that you, being outside Winnipeg, would get it. Within Winnipeg is another story. But you are right when you say "in due time". The requests for shirts have been incredible and have come from all over the world! At an appropriate time (ie less-busy) I will figure out the best way to set up mailing options. I need to settle into a new home soon etc. Stay tuned...

February 13, 2004 - T. Surovy (Whitehall, Pennsylvania)

I was at a Scranton-Wilkes Barre Penguin game (with my #10 Hawerchuck jersey on) and while I was moving seats to better myself, I overheard 2 separate conversations about Winnipeg wanting an NHL team, deserving one, and a team contacting the city. I told them about the site and they already knew about it! Even on the east coast of the U.S. your crusade is heard!!!! Word of mouth and the internet are powerful tools!

The net has been a huge asset. Without it, there would have to be a massive amount of stamps in use! Thanks Penn State!

February 12, 2004 - W. McMillan (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I just want to take the opportunity to let you know that the actions you are taking aren't just being supported by those who follow the story. I am in Halifax for school and am constantly touting Winnipeg and the Jets. Just last year I mostly got laughed at. In the past month or so I have had numerous people approach me regarding what they are seeing on HNIC and TSN and, most recently, at the All Star game. When I start to explain why it is that the Jets left and some of the facts behind the situation, people really support us. I can't tell you the number of people who have given me positive feedback. I make sure to tell them all about the site. I can feel the drive to get the NHL back in the 'Peg, and Canada generally out here on the east coast. Don't give up! I fully intend to be at the first Jets home game all clad in white.

Along with 15,014 others! Thanks. We'll have a Keith's on that night!

February 8, 2004 - A. Dalby (Ottawa, Ontario)

First, great work on the effort to bring back the Jets. I'm from Ottawa (originally from Montreal), so my loyalties are with the Sens and Habs. But I was always a Jets fan too and even went to a game on my travels out west. Magic. I became a Jets fan back in the 80's due indirectly in part to Harold Ballard. Let me explain. Toronto hardly ever made the playoffs back then, so during the playoffs (on alternating nights we'd see a Western Conference game) I saw a lot of Oilers/Flames/Jets games. And the Jets lived up to their name - fast, graceful and fun to watch. I was hooked. I felt a certain affinity towards the city of Winnipeg, being a similar size to Ottawa, and having visited Manitoba on a number of occasions. I never met a Manitoban I didn't like.

I think I speak for the vast majority of fans in hockey cities (all Canadian NHL teams plus the U.S. snowbelt) in saying I would be much more motivated to watch my team play the Jets than the... Mighty Ducks? Enough said. The country supports you.

Look, Winnipeg is NOT a small market NHL city. When it comes to hockey, it's as major league as it gets. You know it. I know it. And the Canadian people know it. So let's stop messing around.

A very nice praise. The ideas that followed this rant are duely noted and have been brainstormed on many occasions. When the time is right...

February 5, 2004 - D. McDonald (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I think that Mr. Valerino is absolutely right. I would feel really guilty if we got the Penguins. We should go for Nashville, Carolina, Tampa, Atlanta, Florida, and so on. Those Southern teams are such a joke. It always makes me angry that people say those Southerner's don't like hockey because they don't know about it. Ridiculous! They know about it. Winnipeggers know about cricket and soccer and basketball, but they just don't embrace them the same as they do with hockey. Does that mean Winnipeg should have an NBA team? Absolutely not, and neither should any of the places mentioned EVER have gotten an NHL team. It's the same thing.

I will continue to support this campaign in anyway possible. Let's get hockey back to Canada, or the Northern US, whichever.

Preferably to Winnipeg! I wouldn't feel guilty any more than Phoenix felt guilty taking us. But I agree, lets live to see a Jets-Pens match-up.

February 4, 2004 - R. Valerino (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

First off, great website!

Next, I have been watching this game, playing the game on a very amateur level, and coaching the game for years. I remember watching on TV and seeing the WhiteOuts. I believe that Winnipeg deserves to have an NHL team...just not ours (the Pens). As a hockey fan it always bothered me when the Jets, Nords, North Stars and yes even the Whalers left their cities. Pittsburgh attendance was extremely solid even as little as 2 years ago but they could be next. The CBA should save the Pens but I think it's time for Bettman to come out and admit that the ‘Great Southern’ experiment was a failure. They are always trying to please non-hockey fans and they don’t understand that non-hockey fans will not watch no matter what you do. They don’t have the passion for it.

So how about catering to hockey fans. Hockey fans like tradition. Winnipeg has a great hockey tradition, and I hope things work out for you guys.

From Three Rivers to Two Rivers...a great point made. I sincerely hope we can both have our teams in 2005. I think I speak for many when I say we want to steal Atlanta or Nashville, not Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has tradition too. But hey, we'll take 'em.

February 3, 2004 - A. Carlson (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

As a Minnesota hockey fan, I sure hope Winnipeg lands another team. I feel your pain. I cried for months after that *%#@! from Calgary stole our team away and moved it down to Dixie. I have faith in your endeavor and hope that you're successful.

Let's just hope Texas doesn't land yet another team when we're up here ready to wear white.

January 30, 2004 - M. Lambert (Calgary, Alberta)

First of all I would like to thank and congratulate you for all of your inspiring efforts in getting the community and NHL at large thinking about returning NHL hocky to Winnipeg.

I moved from Winnipeg in 1997 but still get choked up when I think about what we lost. I was there along with you at "the funeral" and the final game, and thought I'd never see the day that NHL hockey would return.

And, as I'm sure you've been reminded a million times, not many other people thought so either.

So once again, THANKS, THANKS SO MUCH from all of us old Jets fans in Calgary, your efforts are appreciated so very much.

Wow, does Cowtown ever have Jets fans! Too many transplanted Peggers out there. Let's bring them home along with our Jets.

January 29, 2004 - Shane (Sanford, Manitoba)

Just wanted to say I love the site, and that I have read all the comments on the petition (it took a while) and just had to know how we can get this stamped into the NHL's top brass that Winnipeg is a die-hard hockey town. Even people from the USA want to see our team back in the NHL. The passion for an NHL team back in Winnipeg is so high! I truly thought after what happened when the Jets left the passion was gone and would never come back. I just hope we we don't get our hopes up so high and have it crushed again, it hurt to much the last time.

Keep up the good work and of course...Go Jets Go!

Keep fighting and don't get your hopes up until we have 51% of the votes. Once that happens it's Go-Time!

January 28, 2004 - M. Murphy (Cleveland, Ohio)

I am a hockey fan in Cleveland, Ohio (longtime Boston Bruins fan) and I have signed your petition. Winnipeg needs the Jets to return. The NHL doesn't need Houston or Nashville or Tampa. The league needs Canadian teams, and your hometown WILL support the Jets.

Godspeed to you and your efforts.

It's funny how the people that know what's best for the NHL come from non-NHL markets. WAKE UP NHL! Winnipeg is where your future lies! Many thanks go out to the land of the Browns.

January 27, 2004 - G. Mackling (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Your fight to bring back our beloved Jets is not only heart warming and pride swelling, but heroic! I have left our GREAT city three times in the past decade, only to return! The ONLY thing missing from the renaissance of Winnipeg... is OUR JETS!!

There is no doubt in my mind that once the collective bargaining agreement is ironed out, the model they come up with will HAVE to work, with Winnipeg in mind! Why would the NHL want to create a system of cost certainty that couldn't include the purest of hockey markets. I hope that Québec City, if they build a new Arena, receives the same consideration.

Gary Bettman has made a HUGE mis-calculation in terms of hockey's potential with a television contract. I have nothing against Americans, but they just "DON"T GET IT!".

Houston and Portland were all (supposedly) suitors when the Jets left... eight years later, still not hockey markets. Portland is in the middle of trying to get the Expos, and the Houston Aeros are filling whatever hockey interest there is in Houston!

Keep the faith... it's ONLY a matter of time. The Jets will be BACK!

They need us, we need them. Shouldn't it be that simple? Fight on!

January 26, 2004 - T. Gilliatt (Calgary, Alberta)

Great Job on the return of the Jets website. I believe that the return of a team in Winnipeg can only benefit the league. Winnipeg has great hockey fans. Stick with your vision. Staying positive will continue to rub off on the nay sayers. I'm a Flames fan. I attend Flames games regularly. I'd like very much to head down to the 'Dome to see a Flames/Jets game again. Bring back the great rivalry that once existed between Calgary and Winnipeg. This would be a boost to hockey here in Calgary. I would much rather attend a game to see the Jets than any number of American teams.

It would definitely help Calgary's security in the league. As for the rivalry... it would instantly be re-born.

January 25, 2004 - K. Mcguire (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I've been watching your site. It's fantastic to see the support of the entire country behind this campaign. Currently I'm sitting in front of the TV watching the Leafs and Habs and a thought came to my mind. Wouldn't it be great to see on national TV, in other Canadian arenas, large signs screaming out to the NHL to bring back the Jets? That would make international news! I'm not sure how it could happen but if anyone could make it possible it is you my friend. On the scoreboards, in the stands, Winnipeg Jets logos in all those arenas for one night! I realize that Winnipeggers must take the bull by the horns, but if the rest of the country, especailly Montreal and Toronto, got behind us in that fashion how could we not be seen and heard.

You heard him. Get out there with your signs Canada. Especially if you are a transplanted Pegger! Do your part away from home. I know some already have in Calgary and Toronto.

January 24, 2004 - J-P Deniset (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Keep up the good work! You're doing really great so far! Now, just try to make that March the 6th White-Out work, and I think we'll finally get them back!!

I'll do my best. Everyone get their tickets now!

January 23, 2004 - J. Moran (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I was raised in Thunder Bay, but have a lot of family in this great city. I guess what I've been waiting to say to you and furthermore to everyone who will listen is that as a Jets fan, (yes we do exist outside of winnipeg!) I followed the Jets as best I could and I would try to get to Winnipeg at least once a winter and see a few games. So that being said, of course I was sad, no...wrong word, I was crushed when our Jets left town in 1996. When I moved to Winnipeg this past summer I knew I was home, but it felt that my new home was missing something, it was missing our Jets.

Well, I guess that's my story, but I have to say, I'm proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and getting this campaign going.

Great support from the REAL T-Bay! Welcome back. Lets turn this city upside down.

January 22, 2004 - J. Adams (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I applaud you on your tireless effort to create public awareness of this cause. It has renewed hope and interest across the nation, that the NHL will return home to to where its heart lies, north of the 49th. Hope never really died in Winnipeg, did it? All true hockey fans can join the rally to bring the NHL back to the so called "small market cities" in Canada. Be it east or west, Winnipeg will be the first stepping stone. Let's keep the campaign rolling !

I'm glad you referred to it as awareness rather than bringing the Jets back. Making people aware of the importance of this campaign for our city's future is priority #1. Once people understand, it's a cakewalk from there. Hope is something Winnipeg has to start turning into!

January 21, 2004 - M. Werner (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I think back to the days when I used to work selling popcorn and drinks at the Arena during Jets games. I got in free, and all I did was find a seat and watch the entire game. If there was a fan around who wanted something, I would give it to them. Otherwise it was a free game for me. I think the most I made in an evening was 10 cents. Good times! Keep it up, this city needs major league status again. Especially with the amount of infrastructure current and future; slated for construction in our downtown. This would only benefit us as a city!

I won't tell John in Concessions about that. I too did the same thing so I could into the games that my dad didn't already take me to. My friends got a kick out me standing around watching the game. I didn't yell "popcorn!" ever, just "Go Jets Go". Good times indeed, maybe for our kids too!

January 20, 2004 - S. Tomsich (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I'd like to start by saying what an awesome job your doing to bring the NHL back to The Peg. I, like many others, greatly appreciate it. But I'm kinda curious about this Jets tribute game on March 6th at the Arena. I haven't really heard much about it, I was wondering if you could give me a little more information about it. I'd really like to attend. Well if you could get back to me, or even post something about it on your site, that'd be great.

See you at the t-shirt release party!

I'm sure they'll be some sort of advertising soon. Until then check out the "News" link above and grab yourself a poster to pass around or e-mail to your friends. Get your tickets! We're ALL going to bring 'em back!

January 19, 2004 - K. Wielenga (Brandon, Manitoba)

Great website. Long time visitor, I think you're doing a great thing for the city, the province, the country, and most of all.. the NHL. The NHL needs Winnipeg. You've made that point perfectly clear and I applaud you for it.

I am currently 18 years old, and I have very fond memories of the Jets growing up. They were my team. As a kid, living 4 hours away from Winnipeg, I never did get to see many games. To date, I've seen 2 Winnipeg Jets games.

That will change, thanks to your determination and devotion to this great city and this great game of hockey. You, my friend, are one of the big reasons why Winnipeg will be getting an NHL franchise within 3 years. We all know Nashville is on their way, and I think everyone should be thanking you.

I'm sure the owners in Tennesee have visited your site and I bet it made them seriously consider their options. You know why? Nobody in Winnipeg had the balls to market the city as a real contendor. You found the facts, and pulled it off.

Now I give thanks to the man who has no doubt, influenced and spawned the return, of the greatest sport in the world to Winnipeg.

My friend, I say... Thank You.

Best Regards and Best of Luck.

Nice of you to say. Winnipeg has great potential if someone wants to see it and take an easy gamble on it. On a side note: Brandon currently has better hockey than Winnipeg does.

January 18, 2004 - A. Babich (Alberta)

I recently saw Hockey Night In Canada profiling your campaign to bring the Jets back to Winnipeg. Even though I'm an Oilers fan, I would really like to see the Jets come back. I'm pretty sure that with the new MTS Centre, the NHL would grant your city with a franchise. The NHL needs Winnipeg and maybe the Jets would bring back all the support that the NHL needs in North America. A couple years ago, the Oilers were threatened with a move to Houston, but luckily stayed in Edmonton. I would not like it if the Oilers left and faced the same fate the Jets did. If they did leave, I would do the same thing you are doing right now. Anyway, at least you know that you have one more supporter for your campaign, and if I had the money I would bring the Jets to Winnipeg.

Always that darn money thing! We'll just have to make noise and let the people who do have the money know how they should spend it. The NHL wants Winnipeg, you can be sure of that.

January 17, 2004 - D. Horihan (Fort Erie, Ontario)

Great website. I've been hoping for years that someone would put together a website like this, and explain to the NHL market researchers that "large market" and "large hockey market" are not neccessarily the same thing.

I grew up in Minnesota, and share your pain in watching an NHL team leave a hockey hotbed for some sunbelt metropolis where they can't even make ice the old fashioned way (ie: outdoor temperatures below freezing.) The North Stars and Jets were my two favourite teams growing up and I think a Minnesota-Manitoba rivalry in the Northwest Division would be fantastic. I'm actually thinking about moving out to Winnipeg, and the return of the NHL would certainly be a nice incentive. Keep up the good work!

Population increase would certainly be one of the spin-offs of an NHL team back in Winnipeg. Hope to see you house hunting in the near future!

January 16, 2004 - Ari (Fargo, North Dakota)

Hi, I've been checking out this website for a long time now, and this is my first rant. I'm a die-hard Jets fan from Fargo. I'm originally from Fargo, and I moved to Minneapolis when I was 9. Back in the 80's, my family had a summer cabin up in the Whiteshell, and we'd spend a lot of time in the summer there, and also in the winter, if it was warm enough. As a result, I became very associated with Winnipeg growing up as a kid, and I cheered my heart out for the Jets. I never went to a Jets game, but I followed them religiously on TV. I was devastated when I was 14 and they left town. I'm thankful that I was old enough to experience Jets hockey at a young age.

They used to show Jets games on cable here in Fargo back then, and in the southern Red River Valley, you were either a North Stars fan or a Jets fan. I chose the Jets, because of my fond experiences in Manitoba. I'm currently going to school at NDSU in Fargo, and I always keep up to date on the situation with bringing our Jets back.

Here in Fargo, the idea of NHL hockey coming back to Winnipeg seems to have been supported more than in Winnipeg itself. At the very least, it's a wait-and-see attitude among Fargoans. There's also a LOT of enthusiasm among friends of mine on campus. There's none of the "Quit wasting your time, it'll never happen" attitude here. I truly believe that AT LEAST HALF of Fargo hockey fans will convert from the Wild to the Jets once they come back to Winnipeg.

Anyway, I just want to conclude by saying that Darren, you're doing a kick-ass job. Keep up the good work. I'm going to see if I can get out of classes during the week of the Jets tribute night at WPG Arena. I'll do everything I can to actively support the Jets comeback even though I'm 220 miles away. I also have an away replica Jets Jersey and a vintage Jets T-shirt, and I sometimes wear them around campus, and get positive remarks, which means there's a potential fan base here. Darren, you ROCK. Go Jets

Nice to hear from our closest American neighbours. Thanks Fargo. May you be able to have party bus trip weekends to Jets games one day soon!

January 15, 2004 - M. Meltzer (Canyon Country, California)

I saw your website mentioned on HNIC and I went to it and signed the petition. What a great idea and a really well put together site.

I left Winnipeg in 1986 and moved here to Los Angeles but some of my fondest memories involve attending and listening to the Jets games with my father during their WHA days and then when they were part of the NHL. I've always believed that there should be more teams in the NHL from Canadian cities but I don't think the NHL realizes how important the game is to Canada. Gary Bettman was never a good choice to run the league, when he came over from the NBA to the NHL I was immediately concerned. We need someone who is Canadian and who loves the game to make the league and it's fans top priority. Bettman is just "phoning it in" in my opinion and I'm a bit worried the teams will eventually be playing for the Burger King Cup instead of Lord Stanley's.

Anyway, good job, keep up the good work and let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

More fond memories from a transplanted Pegger. Bettman has seen the light...we hope. Thanks for watching in the Santa Clarita area!

January 14, 2004 - G. Roxburgh (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I appreciate your web site and your rationale of an NHL team returning to Winnipeg has me optimistic to say the least. I am 33 years old and grew up with the Jets much like yourself. Like many Winnipeggers I will admit that I never fully appreciated the Jets until it was time to leave. Sure I bought the odd ticket here and there, but preferred to watch the game on CKND ( hey I'm being honest...). Only when it was the end, then and only then did I rush out to buy Jets merchandise as a means of saying "please stay". I am not proud of it, but I will admit it. From a personal standpoint, I knew it was too little too late, but I believe there is alot to learn from what has happened. I am now convinced that the Jets leaving Winnipeg and the current state of the NHL is a bonus in our favour at this time.

I will admit that I do like the Moose. I always hope they do well and I am probably one of the few who ask - did the Moose win last night? I try to support them by going to games, but I realize that it is because they are the only team here, the tickets are cheap and, in all reality, I could take it or leave it. It's not the same as the Jets nor will it ever be. A return of the NHL to me would incite passion all over this city. I agree with you that an NHL club back in Winnipeg would be great and I am all for it. I get angry with the mentality of some Winnipeger's. I say we need to change the "we can't" mentality to a "we will" mentality. I am proud of Winnipeg, but we truly need to the lose the "only if" viewpoint.

Unlike when I was in my 20's I would have no qualms of buying season tickets (as I am sure many would agree), albeit, even if they are the cheapest tickets. Financially I am in a position to do so, unlike before. Worst case scenario, it would be great to see people buy season tickets and split them if they can't afford the whole lot of them. I would like to envision a Winnipeg where getting Jets tickets is tough because the games are sold out every night. Far fetched - I don't think so.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and say keep up the good work Darren - you make alot of sense - I just hope the right people are listening.

More are listening but the right people need to step up. Keep rasing your voice because one day a Jets ticket will be hard to come by....but only if we fight like never before!

January 13, 2004 - S. Joubert (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to send you an email letting you know that as a Winnipegger, I am a huge supporter of your website, and the return of N.H.L hockey to Winnipeg.

I am a 27 year old, who grew up watching the Jets through their great years, and their not so great years. I was there for all their playoff games, and still consider the game they won in triple overtime against Edmonton the greatest game I have attended.

I, as I am sure you have, have had a ton of arguments with different Winnipeggers on why the Jets should have stayed in Winnipeg, and why I think they could be back within the next 5 years.

I honestly feel if the next collective bargaining agreement works out for small market teams, Winnipeg will have a N.H.L team within the next 5 years. Just last week, I read in the Globe & Mail how some hockey people are starting to consider Winnipeg as a major league hockey market again.

I feel you have had a huge role in this process. By getting your website up and running, and getting the word out to the public that Winnipeg is a viable option for N.H.L hockey, you have sparked interest in many hockey observers throughout North America.

Congratulations on your website, and the exposure you are gaining towards the return of the Jets to Winnipeg.

Go Jets Go

Thank you. People sure are coming around, slowly. And remember.....Don Cherry doesn't lie! Lets pin for alot less than 5 years.

January 12, 2004 - R. DePape (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

OK here it is in a nutshell. Every bar or restaurant I go to these days I can't help but notice a resurgence of Jets wear. Walking into Dylan O'Connor's (a popular new pub in St. James) I noticed 3 guys with Jets hats and one young lady with a Jets hoodie. After watching HNIC Saturday night and seeing the intense emotion from Grapes and Ron MacLean, I can't help but see anything less than an NHL franchise in our great city soon.

When we do get a franchise in the near future, let's all thank Darren and some of his now close friends for lighting a torch under the hockey world's butt.

All of the sudden alot of people around town are accepting the viewpoints of . Ahh, the power of the bandwagon.

January 11, 2004 - P. Dooley (Toronto, Ontario)

I would just like to say that I think you are doing a great job with this site. I think all the pessimism shown on here comes from those who knock anyone with a vision that might cause a disappointment. I believe this idea can and will (at some point) fly when the NHL gets it's finances in order.

I am from the Toronto area and have started sending many e-mails to radio shows and newspapers to get some more buzz going on the campaign here. If you ever need anything or help from people out here, I would be happy to get involved. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to making a road trip out there to see a Senators/Jets game.

It's a date. Keep spreading the vision.

January 10, 2004 - K. Kristofferson (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

It looks like Vandal lit a publicity fire, which I think may have been the intent all along. Think about it: he knew the Pens weren't going to leave immediately, and he knew Winnipeg wasn't ready right now to support an NHL franchise (CBA, arena not ready - we all know the drill). It wasn't even certain that Pittsburgh would be the first team to leave. The talk had been of acquiring a south-eastern US team such as Florida or TB. But, writing a letter to Mario - one of the greatest players to play the game, and for sure the biggest name owner in the NHL - would definitely stir the pot and get media moguls and fans debating this over and over.

What has happened? We see multiple reports being published (two today) on the top Canadian sports websites, the ultimate platform of hockey, Hockey Night In Canada producing stories before the Leafs game on Saturday Night, and more and more pressure being put on all the naysayers at home, and around the hockey world. Regardless if the Pens said 'No thanks', I think this letter achieved its primary purpose: putting Winnipeg back on the hockey map.

Reiterating the connection between the Peg (a city that epitomizes hockey with -30 temperatures, snow, and the most outdoor rinks in North America) and professional hockey. It doesn't matter if people speak out against the idea, or possibility because it's all generating attention and debate. The more people say it can't be done, the more people around Canada will want to see it! It's in our nature to want the good guy to win, and it's Winnipeg vs Bettman's corporate NHL.

Darren's right - this won't happen immediately, but little by little, as the debate continues, people will realize what this campaign, and this city is fighting for. The WHITEOUT will return and the greatest fans in the world will shine once again!

Precisely. See "News" link. The Vandal Letter worked beautifully with this campaign. Awareness is growing, now lets ditch our city's inferior complex and bang down some doors!

January 9, 2004 - S. Hoeppner (Montreal, Quebec)

I commend your efforts in working to bring Winnipeg back into the NHL. I am a transplanted Winnipegger now living in Montreal. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for the Habs, but what choice do I have, the Coyotes? The Leafs?!

At any rate, I agree with your optimism that sees Winnipeg returning to the league. I have said since 1996 that one day we'd see Gary Bettman courting Winnipeg as a potential new NHL site. That day is approaching sooner than many believe.

I truly love Winnipeg and its people, but one of the things that one notices while living in other Canadian cities, as I have, is that Winnipeg suffers from a negative self image. Winnipeg has nothing to hang its head about. In fact, it is a great city, full of character and interesting people. In fact, I say that it more closely resembles Montreal - with its multi-ethnic and diverse feel - than other cities that would look down their noses at Winnipeg (i.e. Calgary, Edmonton.)

Keep up the good work. I can see a day where I entertain a move back to Manitoba, and sincerely hope to see a Jets playoff game once again. All that is required is a few more people with vision instead of defeatist attitudes.

It seems the only people who know what's good for Winnipeg come from outside Winnipeg. Sad but true. Thanks for sending your vision. We share it and we are trying to spread it.

January 8, 2004 - Gerry M. (Ottawa, Ontario)

Although I now live in Ottawa, I am still a loyal Jets fan. People from other cities don't quite understand what it's like to have your NHL team ripped away from you. It still hurts to this day, however I still believe that someday the Jets will return. If I wasn't born and raised in Winnipeg, I wouldn't believe it, but that's just the type of character the city has. When they decide they want something, and everyone agrees and comes together, they have the people, character, and savvy to make it happen. I was on Portage and Main the day the city turned out to support the team, the Jets flying overhead, Kurt Keilback doing a bit of commentary… what a site. They'll make it happen. Until that day comes, I'll wear my Jets jersey to Sens games in this area and spread the word that someday soon the Jets will return. Go Jets Go! Go Jets Go! Keep up the good work...

Putting the naysayers aside, I agree. Winnipeg can be a pretty special place...when we want it to be.

January 7, 2004 - J. Rowe (Moravia, New York)

I'm an American from NY State and I'm behind you getting a team back 100%! I hope you guys can get the Pens.

I'm a firm believer that there should NOT be an NHL team anywhere it doesn't snow at least 4 months out of the year...and that includes Phoenix!

After all, it's Canada's game, not ours, and it should stay that way.

You just made too much sense. Now if only you had a few hundred million dollars to spare. Hope all is well in the Finger Lakes area. (I've heard all about Geneva from my Mom, once an American too!)

January 6, 2004 - R. Zabot (Wabasca, Alberta)

Just browsing and came across your site. Good luck! I would love too see the Jets back so The Oil can kick their butts once again, just kidding. Another team in Western Canada makes the Oilers stronger. If you guys come back you will sell every game out!

You're right, it will make The Oil stronger, but hopefully not as strong as they were in the 80's!. Do you know what we went through watching those games. Ouch! Stay safe on the 813.

January 5, 2004 - R. Kemp (Calgary, Alberta)

Wow, I would love to see a team in back in Winnipeg. I'm a Calgary Flames fan and I miss the old Calgary-Winnipeg rivalry games. I use to always go to those games. The atmosphere was always great in the Saddledome. There was always a ton of Jets Fans. I wish the MTS Centre was about 16000-17000 in capacity because that would really invite the NHL to come back. If the City of Winnipeg gets awarded with a franchise, why doesn't it have an ownership group instead of one owner? It could help with the teams financial management. Well great site and good luck to Winnipeg in their quest for an NHL team! The whole country supports you!

The NHL would drool to have another team fill a 15,000 building, not suffer in a 19,000 seat one. I too believe multiple owners is the most likely scenario. Thanks Calgary...and way up Highway 2 we go...

January 4, 2004 - P. Gheduzzi (New York City, New York)

Thanks to the Winnipeg Sun articles on New Year's Day, the subject of Winnipeg trying to bring the NHL back to the city has finally made it onto NHL 2Night last night. It's pathetic here in the United States, with the only source I can watch a full half-hour show on just hockey. It's ridiculous. Here's something worse said on the program and you don't have to be a Jets fan, from Winnipeg or a Canadian to be upset with this.

Barry Melrose (a former Jet, no less) already shot down the idea of Winnipeg getting a chance to get an NHL team again. What's wrong with him?! Is he kidding me? Then Ray "Chicken Parm" Ferraro (a man from Trail, BC) is completely against the idea because he hated traveling there into subzero weather in March. Their reasons were too weak and the validity of their excuses is quite poor. They aren’t addressing the fact it’s to be a much different NHL with the new CBA. Melrose felt in past discussions foresees a better league to come, but the fact he forgot to factor this in with the opportunity to become an NHL city once again.

How stupid will Barry Melrose, Darren Pang and Ray Ferraro look should Winnipeg indeed have the reincarnated Jets in a year or so. They only can save their faces if they see the whole picture, not based on what’s wrong with the NHL right now.

The whole picture takes a little more effort and therefore is replaced by something shorter...quick negativity. Like you stated, there's only so much air time they can give to hockey.

January 3, 2004 - Adrien D. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I was shocked to open up today's SUN and read three negative articles on the subject of the Winnipeg Jets/Penguins. Tom Brodbeck, Charles Adler and one of your sportswriters all, in one way or another, rain on the growing parade that is the movement to bring back the Jets. It's not going to be easy, but just based on a speculative New Year's Day two-page article on the Pens moving here, Winnipeg is in the hockey spotlight for the first time since the '99 WJC. And to this Winnipegger it feels great. To hear the NHL and Winnipeg mentioned in the same sentence is music to my ears, and I want it to continue.

With all the negativity surrounding the current state of the NHL, this is a positive story that Canadians can rally around IF we Winnipeggers don't destroy the idea before it even gets off the ground. Quit telling Winnipeggers what they can and cannot afford. Someone reading the SUN on-line must think we're some kind of city of paupers, which by all the new development seen in the city recently isn't necessarily true. If the local media at least adopts a wait-and-see attitude towards the Jets, maybe something good can be accomplished. If not, the city, not just the Jets' return, is in serious jeopardy.

I don't know what beef Charles Adler has with Dan Vandal, but I know that if Mayor Glen goes, and this guy runs, I'm voting for him. Charles is probably never going to run for anything, so thankfully I won't have to go out and not vote for him.

Afterall, Adler does work for Come Join Our Bandwagon. I too have written to Charles. It may be a little harsh for the editor to handle though.

January 2, 2004 - Jimmy (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hey, Scott Taylor and Winnipeg Free Press, now it's your turn!!!

Scott's always been on board. But I agree, it's time to see the papers have it out with this topic. It's what I started this campaign for in the first place.

January 1, 2004 - C. Wright (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I would like to say that what you are doing is great for our city. I haven't been this proud to be a Winnipegger in years. If we can all do our part to help bring home the Jets (and a little help with the 2004 lockout situation), I truly believe that anything is possible.

It is not a matter of "if" anymore but "when".

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