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December 31 - T. McMartin (Edmonton, Alberta)

You've got a killer website. I want the Jets to comeback and consider their leaving - as well as the Nords - one of the saddest eras of hockey. The Avs worked out (only because they were handed a contender after Quebec suffered for years of terrible teams) but can someone seriously convince me that the Coyotes are doing better than the Jets did. No freakin way.

I'm from Edmonton and Rexall is not even close to as nice an arena is as the MTS Center but we can pack close to 17,000 a night in there and even then there is talk of building a new arena because: 1.) Rexall is old and 2.) It's Small - the corridors are tiny, bathrooms small, and we need more larger boxes, plus more seats would be nice. any Canadian city can sell out a 18,000 seat arena.

I know 15,000 sold out a night is better than 8,000 a night in St. Louis for sure but if you could pack 18,000 a night or more, would there be interest of expansion of the arena - like another deck, maybe a nosebleed section. Anyway, I'm sure in the end though it doesn't matter if you expanded. Like you said, "A bad hockey market with a 20,000 seat arena is still a bad hockey market."

Precisely. MTSC can add suites, which is key high level income. But as far as being 18,000 101 tells me that you need a constant supply-and-demand mentality that keeps every seat occupied for any team that comes to town, therefore justifying the ticket price that a seat costs to the person buying it.

December 24 - A. Avila (Vancouver, BC)

I'm a proud former Pegger and now in Vancouver. I was there to watch the Jets' last ever home game as well as the Jets' last playoff against Detroit. But I've been following up your awesome website. I always wear my Jets jersey everytime Phoenix is in town. But this picture was taken from my trip in Anaheim at the Honda centre and to let everyone know, a lot of people were asking me where I got my jersey from. I can't believe how many Jets supporters were at that game. So I felt good that I decided to bring my jersey along and wear it while watching Teemu Selanne, Randy Carlisle, and the rest of the Ducks beat the Coyotes on November 3.

Anyways, keep up the good work and us fellow Jets supporters in Vancouver are eagerly awaiting for the return of the Jets!

Can't wait to hate the 'Nucks again! Note: please see Wear in the World section for a photo of Arnel at the game.

December 21 - T. Pallone (Fort McMurray, Alberta)

With all the talk about the Pens relocating, I decided to surf the net and find out what Winnipeggers thought of this and what our chances are. I came across your site…just wanted to say good job on that, and you make some great points. Getting an NHL team is of course priority 1, but can you imagine landing the soon to be dynasty penguins? All I am is a fan of the game, unfortunately I don’t know all that much about the business side of things. From what I do know however, I’m sure the NHL could thrive under the new structure in the Peg.

Myself, like your friend…moved to Alberta 2 years ago for work but I can tell you right now that I would be back in a heartbeat if we secured an NHL team. I haven’t had a favorite hockey team in 10 years now, I find myself cheering for the individuals now…I have been following Crosby since I first read about him many years ago. I’d like to follow him right to the MTS Center next October.

Keep up the good work man, and keep in mind that myself and a friend are wondering how to get something started to put Winnipeg center stage, and shake these other 4 cities that are currently in the running.

I sincerely feel that Winnipeg is now known around the league as the premier spot to place a team. Yes, there are others with deeper pockets and larger arenas, but what does that have to do with the success of a franchise? According to history...absolutely nothing.

October 6 - D. Ouimet (?)

When I first heard that the Pens were bought by a Canadian I thought "GREAT!"

Then I see CBC news at 6pm today and they're talking that Hamilton might get the Pens if the Pittsburgh doesn't build them a new arena! They didn't even mention Winnipeg!

Back the truck up!

Since when was Hamilton all of sudden next in line? Who are these yahoos running CBC in Toronto that don't even give us a mention? Wow, I'm insulted after all we have done as a city to showcase our city's support for the NHL's return and now we're not even on the radar screen.

I'm right pissed. Thanks for listening though, I needed to vent.

Go ahead...vent. I get it all the time. I do it myself, usually off the screen. As for Hamilton, Copps isn't suitable as an NHL arena. Plus they have other hurdles to hop outside the arena issue.

October 5 - N. Vermette (Victoria, BC)

Like you, I'm a Winnipegger (originally that is). I left Winnipeg 17 years ago and my heart broke when the Jets moved. I've lived in Victoria, BC for 12 years now. Although I return to the 'Peg every now and again, I've never really thought of returning permanently. Until I saw your web site. I basically just want to say that you've put in alot of work into this and my hat's off to you. Very impressive! I hope that some day(soon) you will see your dream realize. All the best! I am looking forward in catching some NHL games some day in Winnipeg. Go Jets Go!! Thanks for keeping this dream alive!!!

So much support from transplanted Winnipeggers. Come back!!

October 3 - A.V. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

I am a die hard Pittsburgh Pengiuins fan (my e-mail adress is actually in homage of their farm teams) and at this point even I think the Pens should move to Winnipeg (as long as you let me keep my farm team). Penguins fans (all 20 of us) don't seem to care about our team, or our talent or hockey for that matter. Super Mario tried his best to remind Penguin fans of our former glory, hell we made it to the playoffs over 10 years running, and have hit a little skid, and everyone leaves. I think the the Peg deserves the team more the the Burgh as much as this pains me. I love Pittsburgh, its an amazing city, but its fans only care about the Steelers and anyone who is winning. Candian Football is a better product, and Winnipeg is a (far) better hockey town.

May the Penguins rest in Winnipeg, amen.

A bold statement for sure. I say lets keep the Pens in Pittsburgh and have Winnipeg grab a team that resides in a city that has no business with professional hockey.

September 30 - D. Siemens (Montreal, Quebec)

Absolutely outstanding job on the site and the effort you are putting into doing something so wonderful for Winnipeg. I am a Winnipeg native, but have been living in Montreal for the past 10 years (came for school, fell in love...). I do not know if I will ever move back to Winnipeg, but it is something I always keep in my mind. Only time will tell. However I am an enthusiastic supporter of this campaign.

I still love the Jet Fuel idea. Fort Garry Brewing will have to take a look at that when the time comes.

September 22 - Steve (Sudbury, Ontario)

I've been a huge supporter of your campaign for the return of the Jets for many years now. The Winnipeg Jets need to be back in the NHL, especially now with the salary cap, new arena, the Canadian dollar, to name of a few.

The City and the fans deserve it. MTS Centre is a magnificient arena. Anyway, I'm just an Oiler fan in Sudbury, Ontario. But, if the Jets would ever get their team back, I would definitely go and watch a game.

Its all about playoff WHITEOUT hockey. Go Jets Go.

Keep up the good work!

That certainly extends our catchment area! My band once stopped in Garson for a gig en route to Toronto. That's no short haul.

September 21 - Gord (Calgary, Alberta)

I heard you on the Fan960 in Calgary earlier this week...great job with the interview. Keep up the good work and I have my fingers crossed that the NHL will return to Winnipeg one day soon.

Thanks! I can hardly keep up with the radio time I've dedicated. I appreciate every opportunity to spread the cause and clear up some misconceptions.

September 19 - B. Gonchar (Cochrane, AB)

I've been watching since late 2003 or so. Keep up the good work and positive attitude!

Born and raised in Winnipeg, I can't wait to see the day when the reborn Jets or whatever they would be called, return to where major pro hockey belongs. The recent success of the Oilers/Coyotes pre-season sell-out at MTS Centre must be an indication. I've lived in Calgary for about 5 yrs or so. I've gone to many Flames and Hitmen games here. I've played hockey since I was about 5, and I still play to this day. I watch a lot of hockey, too. I can say that I am a real hockey fan.

I can tell you, the presence of the NHL certainly gives Calgary that extra spice, and Winnipeg is not the same without that NHL experience. Winnipeg needs to absolutely seize the NHL opportunity when it comes. (Penguins???) My question to you is where is the ownership group/investors chasing this cause? The reason I ask is:

Today, some guys at work mentioned to me that Hamilton has an investor group involved in talks with the Penguins sale. Honestly, I wanted to vomit when I heard this. If you know anything about this, please let me know. If there is an ownership group in Winnipeg that is chasing the return of the NHL cause, please let me know, so I can correct these co-workers (they are convinced Hamilton is better suited for a franchise than Winnipeg). Trust me, I need to correct them with an educated argument.

If you feel that the investor/ownership group information is confidential and do not wish to share it, I will understand. Again, I'm not trying to be negative. But, for the NHL to return to Winnipeg, there needs to be a legitimate ownership/investor group aggressively pursuing this cause. I personally think that the NHL would be highly successful in Winnipeg with an Edmonton-style ownership scenario (30+ owners). Also, the Calgary Flames situation, where about 12 individual investors own&manage the Flames, Hitmen and Saddledome. It works well. Its been very difficult to get Flames tickets since 2004, and the Saddledome holds about 19,200. I'm positive that a similar set-up would work in Winnipeg.

I have read your website from top to bottom, so I don't want to repeat anything or ask any silly questions you may have already answered. I would be interested in any of your feedback.

Sometimes the underground route is much more effective, besides, it is a compliment to Winnipeg that we don't even have to use the media to 'rah, rah' ourselves. We're automatically mentioned when NHL relocation comes up.

August 2 - K. Neufeld (Brisbane, Australia)

My name is Ken Neufeld. I am a former Winnipeger now living in Brisbane Australia since 1990. As a kid growing up in Winnipeg I grew to love the Jets. I was too young to understand the brilliance of Bobby Hull but I certainly appreciated the likes of Dale Hawerchuk, Randy Carlyle, Thomas Steen etc.

When I left Winnipeg for Australia the one thing I missed the most (other than family and friends) was the hockey. The first time that I returned to Winnipeg in winter was 1994, the year of the strike. It killed me being there without being able to see the Jets. To rub salt in the wound the strike ended a few days after we left for home. The next time we made a winter trip to Winnipeg, the Jets had already left.

I vividly remember the debates in the late 1980's about whether Winnipeg could support an NHL team. I always felt that the people saying that the Jets should go never took the total financial picture into account and certainly didn't take into account the pride that the Jets brought to the good people of Winnipeg.

In the years following I read from time to time about the new sunbelt teams. Anyone with any sense could see that these teams could not and would not last. It would make far more sense to have a few NHL teams in Finland or Sweden than in Phoenix or Dallas.

I wish you well in your efforts. I am bringing my family back to Winnipeg this Christmas. The best gift of all would be to hear that you have been successful in your campaign.

Just great to hear you take trips to Winnipeg in the winter!

July 6 - I. Hend (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting together this campaign. I was born and raised in Winnipeg and was (and still am) a die hard Jets fan. I'll turn 32 this year and fondly remeber the 80's wars in the Smythe Division and of course the dreaded and annoying and unfair end of the team. I went to so many games in 1995-96 including all playoffs and, yes, I stormed the ice after the very end. I like to think we the fans single handedly got that last season due to the Grassroots campaign in Spring 1995.

Anyways...since 1999 I've lived in Calgary. I cannot and will not cheer for the Flames in this city of "fans" who cheer only when its convenient. Five years ago you couldn't give away Flames tickets, but when they accidentally went to the 7th game of the finals in 2004 people started up again and last season you couldnt get a ticket. My point is, that we as Jet fans ALWAYS supported the team no matter what. We were just lucky to have them and never ever took them for granted. No we never won anything, but so what..they were OUR team!!!!

When they left 10 years ago, I never ever thought we'd get a new Arena or any major hockey team again, but low and behold, MTS Centre, salary cap, etc. When I heard the Pens and Predators were "interested" I almost fainted.

So I wanted to say Thank you for keeping the dream alive!

Winnipeg fans erupted when a mere offside call wasn't made. We knew the game inside and out.

June 21- J. Krestanowich (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I've been reading your site for a while. I'd like to say that it's a very well done site that explains how and why we can get an NHL team back in Winnipeg. It also does a great job of selling Winnipeg itself, which is what is needed in this city. Not the usual inferiority complexes and doom and gloom that seems to grip this city regularly. Keep up the good work with the site and GO JETS GO

From the horses mouth. Nice to hear someone else vouch for the actual attendance that these teams are drawing.

June 20- A. Girardi (Winter Park, Florida)

I live in Winter Park, Florida though I am originally from New York. The hockey in this state is in shambles. No one really cares about the two teams down here (Lightning & Panthers). The Panthers have never made money, and have only have one year where they haven't sucked. The Lightning only drew little more than 4k in attendance during the year they did well. But now with the lockout and a return from the massive fever dream of the year before it, the Lightning are just trying to not suck as bad as the Panthers. Both teams are massively overshadowed by the NBA. All the fans down here are bandwagon losers. My bet is that one (if not both teams) will fold or move, hopefully to Winnipeg. This state is the prime example of your theory that raw population does not mean a team will make money, you need real hockey fans. I know that Winnipeg will make more money in one year than Tampa or Sunrise (where the Panthers play) has in the teams entire existence.

From the horses mouth. Nice to hear someone else vouch for the actual attendance that these teams are drawing.

June 19 - A. Neufeld (Winkler, Manitoba)

I, like many others, am not impressed with our government's decision to spend more than 2 million dollars on a "brand" that very few people understand. If we, residents of Manitoba, don't get the point, how will it attract non-residents, tourists and investors here?

I am convinced that the return of an NHL team to Winnipeg would really change the attitude of many people. Winnipeg would again be seen as a city that is dynamic and alive! Our young people would have a reason to stay here. It would bring a huge amount of excitement here - just like hockey has ignited the people in Edmonton. We are great at talking and paying people to do things for us. It's time that our leaders (politicians and business folk) actually do something for us. Many of us would be willing to do our part too - just like we did when the Jets were threatening to leave several years ago.

I really believe that there would be a fresh now spirit and a dynamic new optimism in this city and province if some our leaders would declare themselves really willing to help bring our team home - not for political or selfish reasons - but because we love our province and want to do something to make it a better place also for future generations.

I was glad Scott Oak asked our Prime Minister about Winnipeg's future in the NHL. If Mr. Harper really cares about Winnipeg, he could make a personal donation to bring the Jets back, he though he might be reluctant to commit government funds. We need concrete evidence that people care.

Keep up the good work!

No argument from me. I've been preaching this for years. Less talk , more action!

May 26- W. McMillan (Vancouver, BC)

I was re-reading your April 28 posting and I liked your analogy to a blizzard. It seems to me that a lot of Winnipeggers confuse surviving with thriving. That may explain the sorry state of this city, which I could go on about forever. It should suffice to say that I work downtown and when there’s not a concert, it’s a ghost town after 6:00. One great city indeed. It’s the people who are happy to say that Winnipeg has ‘survived’ the departure of the Jets that lack any vision whatsoever and the reason why I, like so many other young professionals, am packing my bags and leaving (in my case, Vancouver). When we get the Jets I’ll have to fly back for the home opener and playoffs. Best of luck, Darren! Unfortunately, a lot of people with your vision (myself included) have decided to take their ball and leave and let the CJOB-minded people of Winnipeg live in their sub-par city that they are apparently quite happy with. You’re a better man than I, Darren.

We are too often our own worst enemies. There pros and cons to living in any city...lets add one more pro to the list!

May 23- C. Hutchison (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

It kinda says alot when you ask someone who's gonna win the stanly this year and get the answer of "The Jets." Being an hour away from Brandon for May long weekend and seeing people wearing Jet jersys while watching the playoff says a lot. I remember when I too lived outside good ol Winterpeg and drove an hour to see my beloved Jets play. All the time as a kid, my radio beside my bed would play the sound of the radio broadcaster giving the play by play on the jets game. Many of times I was scorned for jumping out of bed and jumping around when the jets scored. I now live in Winnipeg and its easy to know, our winter months lack a major thing. A bit of Winnipeg left when the jets did, and its gonna always be there. But the good news is this. I did not move to Winnipeg to be in a jet-less town. We have a new arena, we have the jet crazed fans that remember the screaming, the yelling and the white outs. I moved to Winnipeg to be in a WINNIPEG JETS TOWN !!! Cause if theres two things Winnipeg does right, its being the Slurpee Capital, and having the damn best fans in the world.

Keep up the awsome work on the site. I support you 500% !

People tend to forget about those who drove in from outside the city. There were many of you.

May 10- C. Bodley (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Your website is fantastic. Very comprehensive and a great read. I just plowed through it at work here prior to heading off on the road. Nice work!

Pass it on to those you meet on that road!

May 1 -R. Hosein (Chicago, Illinois)

When I first looked at the website (3 years ago, I think) I sent a message saying that I thought it was a total non-issue. Three years ago, I felt that the economics of hockey and the world in general would not support the NHL's return to the 'Peg. Now, I must say that I feel totally different. With the new CBA agreement in place, the economics league-wide make it more feasible. We have a state-of-the-art arena in Winnipeg, and most importantly, the dollar
just crested over .90 US (the highest since the 80s). All of a sudden everything is in place ... except for a team. With the agreement in place, it should be easy to poach a team from another market. . Keep the fight up, I actually believe it's possible now. All we need is to find a team.

One more believer on board!

April 30 - P. Ferrell (Buffalo, New York) -

Just wandered by your site as I haven't seen it in a while.

Nice work!

Hopefully the dreams of Winnipegers, and to an extent any real true blue hockey fan that respects traditional hockey markets over wealthy places that couldn't tell a red line from a tan line will come true.

Thanks for visiting again Peter. Sabres vs. Jets one day soon!

April 19 - C. Cameron (Southern Georgia)

I'm absolutely assured that you don't remember me, but I use to email during the lockout. I haven't checked the page in a while, sorry. Anyway the new site is exactly what we needed. It adds such prestige and professionalism to our cause. Congratulations and thank you so much for all of your hard work. I've kind of fallen out of hockey a bit because ESPN dropped the NHL so I don't get to watch it that much. I MISS IT!!

No coverage equals no interest.

April 18 - G. Gilbert (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Every few months I check in on your site to see the latest. I just spent an hour there tonight. It reminds me of what we have lost. One of the most memorable times in my life after 14 years of season tickets watching the Jets play, was to watch them go. That was so heart wrenching.

We need a NHL team back in Winnipeg.

I travel a lot with my company, mostly to the USA. I’m in Minneapolis right now actually. I go frequently to Miami, Nashville, and Atlanta, among other questionable southern ‘hockey cities’. The average guy there doesn’t even know the name of the team. Nashville is the worst. That is NOT a hockey town.

The southern experiment has certainly failed. It's only a matter of time.

April 15 - L. Perreault (Kelowna, BC)

I am a former Winnipeger. I now live in Kelowna, B.C. Used to always go to Winnipeg Jets games. Was a very disappointed when they sold their franchise. I think its a shame that a city like Winnipeg does not have a hockey franchise. My son was an Oilers fan and we used to watch the playoffs with pompoms and all. What a rival and what fun!!!. Hope you are successful in bringing back the Jets. Of course I had favorite players. And now they are playing in other leagues. So sad.

Bring the rivalry back too!

March 22 - J. Carlisle (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I love the site, been following it since you started it. Me and some friends were in Atlanta last weekend took in 2 Thashers games and there were maybe 10,000 in the place both nights.

Yet more proof of the lies told by "official" attendance figures.

March 20 - D. Pederson (East Grand Forks, Minnesota)

I was reading around your site just thought I'd throw out another tidbit that may help. I saw the explination of population in and around Winnipeg and how many people would love to support hockey. Don't forget that hockey fans don't stop at the Border. I, for one, living in East Grand Forks, MN would have an easier time getting to a Jets game only 2.4 hours away than I would going to St Paul for a Wild game (over 5 hours). I would guess that a lot of other people in northern North Dakota and northern Minnnesota would also feel the same way. Keep up the good work. I hope we can see something magical happen!

See rant below. Good to hear of another "southern" supporter! Winnipeg has been flooded with college kids from North Dakota, Minnesota and even Iowa the past two weeks (drinking age is 18 here). Imagine adding a Jets game to the normal pastime of chasing Canadian girls (or guys) all week. Icing on the cake! Although it is tough to beat Whitey's on a Monday night!

March 13 - J. Reichert (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota)

First of all, we share support for the same NFL team, our beloved Denver Broncos. Good to see you're a person who knows how to stick with a team through thick and thin...I've always maintained that there are no bandwagon Bronco fans.

Then there's the real subject of this: The return of the Winnipeg Jets. I live in the Twin Cities, we've felt your pain, and also are Exhibit A for what happens when a REAL hockey market gets an NHL team back. I'm sure you are well aware of the blowaway box office success of the Minnesota Wild. The return of the Jets can do the same for downtown Winnipeg that the Wild have done for downtown St. Paul: Get people downtown, and get people who will stay there and turn the place into a nightly destination for six months of the year. St. Paul has literally been transformed from a place where the sidewalks roll up at 500pm to one where bars are rollicking and rolling well after the end of the game. And you already have the venue in place to do it as the MTS Centre could well rival the Xcel Energy Center.

When you equated the market area to that of the Broncos you were right on the nose....Winnipeg actually is the hub city for a VERY large market area. The Broncos have fans in cities all the way from Albuquerque to Billings to Rapid City to Salt Lake City. Can you imagine Jets fans in Fargo, ND; Kenora, Ontario; and Regina? If they played their cards right, that would be no pipe dream. You're taking what is supposedly a market of 700,000 fans and doubling that pretty quick. And it would be 1.4 million HOCKEY fans--no bells, whistles, loud music, or extra arena trappings required. Just the hockey.

Great job on the website...pulling for you here in Minnesota

This e-mail makes far too much sense. I love when an ENTIRE e-mail makes this much sense from start to finish! It is exactly what I have been trying to get across to so many people. There is no doubt that a re-born NHL team in Winnipeg must be marketed much differently and with a much broader scope than the Winnipeg Jets of the past ever were. Hey, the reference to the mighty Orange & Blue doesn't hurt either! Can't wait for those bus packages to see the Vikes (yuk!) and the Wild vs. Jets!

March 1 - N. Pankiw (Perth, Ontario)

Just wanted to say great work on the new site. I was a Jets fan back in the early and mid 1990s and it was a sad day when they moved to Phoenix. I lived in Winnipeg when I was younger and currently live outside Ottawa, and everybody here agrees that there should be NHL hockey in Winnipeg. Everytime I where my Jets jersey either around town or to a Senators game, I get so many compliments and people saying "they will be back soon". Keep up the great work, and I look forward to returning to Winnipeg to see a Jets game every year. It is a fact: Winnipeg is deserves the NHL. GO JETS GO!

Indeed that is a fact. Now we have to make sure that we make it clear that's what we want!

February 28 - J. Vielfaure (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to not only thank you for everything you've done these past few years but I also wanted to tell you how amazing the new site looks. All the new sections, the new look and the store is just amazing and I give you and the crew who created the site two big thumbs up for your work and effort on this project. I've been following your campaign for quite sometime now ever since my friend told me about it in July of 2003 about a month after you launched it and I have also written you a rant or two and I have also showed up to a few rallies organised by you of course. I just wanted to say on behalf of all us supporters of this campaign a big thanks for what you've made this campaign. You have shown most of the city that with dreams annything can come true and after everything that has happened things are certainly heading that direction. Even with all the critics and the naysayers, you kept going and look at what you have done. Now i know the job is not done but even if we must wait a little longer I still think that without this campaign we'd never be in this position so for the last time I give you thanks and also keep up the good work because I garantee you that once this team comes back many fans like me will look up at you as the main reason why the Jets came back. Thanks Darren, thanks for everything!

I hope it serves everyone well. I will pass the kudos on the crew. I certainly won't be the main reason the Jets come back but if I helped at all I'll feel good about that and just get in line for my tickets like everyone else.

February 19 - B. Bunnell (Toronto, Ontario)

I just found your site off and I must say I love it. I found it very informative and encouraging. I always had 3 teams grownig up, my hometown Maple Leafs, the Penguins, and the Jets. Anyways, listening to the American League All Star Game somehow sparked a renewed love for the Jets, hense how I found your site. I thought the Jets moving to Phoenix of all places was a true smack in the face, not only to Jet fans, but hockey in general. Only the joke moves of the Whale and the North Stars rivaled it. Also, if Winnie does get NHL hockey back, and Phoenix wont give up the Jets name, I was thinking they could go with the winnipeg Falcons. to pay tribute to one of the great teams of early hockey history.

If we're at the point of worrying about what to call the team, I'm excited! Lets just get there. Glad you had a great warm flashback of the good 'ol days.

February 12 - M. Simon (Chamber of Commerce, Neepawa, Manitoba)

Just finished reviewing the site, AWESOME! My wife and I were just talking the other day about how our son (and I) cried the day they announced the Jets were leaving. I’ll do the same the day they return. Their return will definitely be in part to the efforts you have put forth.

I would suggest you attempt to broaden your scope to include Manitoban’s living outside of Winnipeg. There is little doubt the team is the “Winnipeg” Jets, but we folk living in rural Manitoba supported and would support a new franchise just the same. That adds another 400,000 potential attendees to those future sell-outs! The future Jets’ real fan market is over 1 million people, not including North Dakotans or western Ontarians!

Thanks for everything you are doing. We’ll stand by with our support and look forward to success.

A very good point and one that is hammered home in the new website due to launch on March 1st! The new Jets need to be marketed outside the Perimeter Highway. Fringe communities, large Manitoba towns and even bordering states and provinces need to be drawn into adopting the Jets as their team. Support spins off in many ways from that, whether it be attending games or just buying merchandise. Example: because of their geography the Denver Broncos have the full backing of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Albuquerque, New Mexico along with other surrounding towns and cities that aren't even in Colorado. Smart marketing. Well said.

February 2 - S. Hoeppner (British Columbia)

I just checked your site and the news about site updates and the ownership group starting to materialize are all very encouraging. I can't commend you more for the work you're doing. I encourage you to keep on going - someday this dream will be a reality.

As I was reading your news section about the new site and t-shirts, the thought came to me that wouldn't it be great if you could get Don Cherry involved somehow? He might even wear one of your shirts on Coach's Corner. If you had a tie made up for him, it would be pretty much an automatic. I think Ron McLean is a big believer in Winnipeg as well.

Anyway, love seeing how things are coming together. I agree the Penguins may not be our team - too much politics - but there may be another like Washington or Florida that wants out.

I wish you continued success, and don't let the naysayers get to you.

They won't get to me. If they did I'd have quit after day two. You're right, there are many more teams on the brink. We've waited 10 years, I'm sure we can wait a little longer.

January 30 - J. Cinq-Mars (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hockey needs to be in Winnipeg. Attitude is everything. Life is, and always will be, 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it...essentially attitude. I am very disgusted with the number of Winnipeggers who seem to only flap their mouths when they have something negative to say. I think you put it best on in your website...the only obstacles Winnipeg faces regarding an NHL franchise returning to this awesome hockey town, are here in Winnipeg. Winnipeggers are too small town for their own good. What happened to having a dream or thinking big. I, for one, prefer to have MY city progress and move forward, THINK BIG. Look at the crying and whining that took place when Sam Katz tried to get funding for the ball park. Every half-wit with vocal cords screamed from their respective soap boxes that "Winnipeg does not need a ball diamond", "It will never sustain itself". Where are those people now? I am sure they pouted somewhere because the ball diamond sold out every game and they expanded. Why? Because of the very same vision you speak of: Mr. Katz has vision and thinks big! Those same cry babies quickly jumped on the "Winnipeg doesn't need a new arena bandwagon" or the "Preserve old buildings crew". Needless to say the MTS Centre is an incredible facility and has been very successful. I am not sure when Winnipeggers will stop complaining about progress and learn that change is good. Being stagnant is not healthy for anyone. And for those people out there who honestly believe there is no money in Winnipeg...wake up and actually learn about your city. Winnipeg has PLENTY of money to support an NHL team. Hasn't anyone heard about the real estate market???? The people buying the million dollar houses are doing so with MONEY! And I suppose the real estate agents of the city are doing well to! That is only one industry. Wake up Winnipeg. Be proud of Winnipeg and just once try thinking positive! You will be a healthier person for it. And for those of you who truly believe the NHL will never come back.......please just ignore us and let us DREAM.........because we believe!

Listen up negative 'Peggers! In fact, read this rant again and again until it sinks in.

January 19 - M. Luis (Toronto, Ontario)

I just came across your site. Good to see the Jets are alive somewhere.
Now that Pitsburgh is up for sale .... officialy, hopefully by the end of this season Winnipeg will get it's team back, and they will be called the Jets.

Whatever they're called...lets just get 'em back! Pittsburgh could be more tricky than we think. Time will tell.

January 5, 2006 - D. Hostler (Dallas, Texas)

I have been a hockey fan since 1995 (when I was 10 and introduced to the Dallas Stars) and am dedicated to my hockey. I was able to glimpse the Winnipeg Jets very briefly as they knocked out the Dallas Stars for the 8th playoff spot in 1996. Though I was slight disappointed I rooted for Winnipeg because they were facing the hated Red Wings who took out my team a year earlier. When I learned that Winnipeg was moving to Phoenix I at first thought it was a good idea because that meant more expansion for the south. Until here last year I found I was wrong. Winnipeg was dedicated, they need a hockey team. They need the Jets. I am ashamed that Arizona has a hockey team that has produced no great amount of success. At least with Dallas we wanted a team and we have continued success here.

I saw your page and support your cause. I would love to see a Jets game because I've read about the intensity and the feeling that comes in the game. The energy is just there and I would love to experience that ambience. I am all for Winnipeg getting a hockey team back.

Good to know the youth from the Lonestar State is on board! Dallas has certainly proved to be a success. There's no debating that. Your team is safe.


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