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Of course, tickets are just one aspect of a team's successful operation. What about all of the other variables? After some serious study and endless number crunching (based largely on Canadian NHL teams), I came up with a hypothetical summary of what revenue an NHL in Winnipeg could realistically generate, before costs (gross). Of course numbers could fluctuate in several categories or be non-existent altogether. On the other hand, there could also be a potential revenue stream missing that would be unique to Winnipeg or newly founded. In either case, the bottom line would be pretty close to what is seen in this chart. Figures are based off of sell-out crowds each and every game. This is where MTSC capacity becomes a clear advantage because it is a realistic building to fill. Also remember none of these figures include revenue from potential playoff games or events that MTS Centre can generate outside of hockey. All concerts and other arena events also generate ample revenue that aren't counted towards hockey revenue figures. This is the benefit of having an ownership group who not only owns the NHL team, but also operates the arena they play in. Non-hockey revenue could be used to off-set any losses (if there are any) once the hockey bottom line is figured out separately. If a profit was turned from hockey, the non-hockey event revenue would only sweeten the pot for those who administer it.

Notice how MTS Centre can generate over $1.1 million CDN in ticket revenue per game plus about $175,000 CDN in suite revenue per game ($7.7 million divided by 44 games). That equals about $1.3 million CDN or roughly $1.1 million USD per game. I have converted to USD (@ 0.85 exchange rate to be able to draw comparison to the chart below which shows gate revenues for the entire NHL in the 06-07 and 07-08 seasons. With a Winnipeg team generating $950,000 without suite revenue or ($1.1 million if suite revenue is included) we would certainly rank in or near the Top 10 in league gate revenue and be right in the pack with our Canadian counterparts as the NHL's revenue leaders. You see, MTS Centre can generate ample income to sustain an NHL franchise. Tickets are single-handedly the largest revenue stream for NHL hockey. Outside hockey, MTS Centre hosts a multitude of non-hockey events which put the building in North America's Top 20 and ranks #3 in Canada for traffic. This diverse revenue stream portfolio allows for ample profits overall for True North and greatly supplements the profits of any hockey franchise it controls.

source: The Globe and Mail

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