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The Return of the Jets Campaign is looking for photos of you wearing your campaign gear in an interesting setting. Whether it be at a landmark in your city, during your travels around the world or at an NHL game somewhere in the sure to send your pics to us. Please send in your photo as well as a brief description as to where the image was taken to Darren Ford. In any case, wear your support everywhere you go!

Darrell O. in Rome
Craig in Honolulu
Dave in Queen Charlotte Islands
Sigi & Sarah in Germany
Blue Jay & Sandy
 Lauren at Clear Lake
Darren in San Francisco
Mike in Jasper
Jason @ Xcel Energy Center
Scott & Bobby
Darren Ford in Spain
TJ & Mercy @ Lake Erie
Mom in Florida...a true believer
Craig in Regina, Sask.
Ebin's Favorite T-shirt
Derek in Buffalo
Darrell in Honalulu
Derek in Tampa Bay
Ray in Europe
The Snell's in Anaheim
Jason in Grand Forks, ND
Jeff in Los Angeles

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